The amount of OP and nerf threads




The amount of memes outside off topic is too damn high!

Seriously, there are more meme threads than any other kind of thread on this forum I think.


Thats not a bad thing :slight_smile:


It actually is.

Every other thread is just another thread of people trying to be funny by overusing the same memes over and over again. It’s not funny and doesn’t help for any discussion regarding the game.


That is what the off topic section is for


@Chirimorin said outside of the Off Topic category. :wink:


My bad Out side of off topic yeah I can agree.
But off topic let us have our memes


I agree, that is what the off-topic section is for. That’s why I complained about the amount of meme threads outside of off-topic.

This thread was also made in General and then moved to off-topic by a mod later


But, devs love memes… maybe… at least I know they love GIFs


Though I am still adressing my concern with everyone saying this is too stong or too weak before they even touch it.