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Hey all,

I’ve noticed a lot of members here are huge fans of the brilliant Aliens series, so I figured why not have one huge thread about everything Aliens? This is neither in the games or movies sections since this thread is for EVERYTHING about the series, since it’s so large. :slight_smile:

Personally, I can’t wait for Isolation, it looks really frightening and I haven’t played a good scary game in a while. Plus, the sequel to Prometheus has just been written out, which I am also looking forward to since I really enjoyed the first movie. :slight_smile:


Opinion on Alien V Predator?


Movies = garbage. Couldn’t see anything in the second one and I wanted a war, not some stupid game. I want all out AVP! And Prometheus was epic, can’t wait for Paradise


Anyone who is a huge fan of the Alien franchise owes it to yourself to watch this movie (here’s a trailer)

It tells the back story about how the legendary director Jodorowsky first recruited the artist H.R. Giger who was responsible for the Alien look.

(both images from where they are listed as sweet posters to buy)

It has rare interviews and art he created for the movie that inspired the art for Alien and Prometheus (among various others) now all footage that are now priceless since his death this year in May.


I would like to see Isolation succeed as the IP needs a good strong boost in the form of a game, but I think it has a lot going against it. A few of the things that worry me/bother me are:

Exclusive DLC that has little to do with the main game that is only available by pre-ordering before games release is a bit dodgy. I’m worried about having to fight ‘humans & androids’ as that isn’t what the game should be about, but having only 1 main antagonist could get stale and old for a while. A few of the game demoers mentioned that it seemed like the Alien did have a lot of good random elements to it, but they didn’t feel like there was any rhyme or reason to why a certain strategy worked/didn’t work.

There are a few other things, but I don’t want to add a novel here. I like games like Outlast, and Amnesia and so forth. Those worked because there were several antagonists throughout. A single entity is hard to feel scared by after it’s eaten you for the Xth amount of time. That being said, I do hope, really hope it works out well. It looks really well designed, but there are a bunch of red flags to me right now.

As for books and comics, I love just about all of them. Some are obviously better than others. There are some ones that really bug me, for instance the crossover ones are usually not great. I.E. Aliens versus Terminator was pretty awful. I did like Aliens vs. Batman though. They vary in quality and offer a lot of good lore about the species.

The movies were overall good. The first 2 were exceptionally well done imo. The rest are decent enough without being terrible. If you had mixed feelings about the 3rd film, I STRONGLY recommend the director’s cut. It’s almost an entirely different movie when watched. Alien resurrection had moments, but I think the series started to bog down at that point. The AvP movies were a mixed bag as well. They weren’t downright terrible, but they weren’t great either. I feel like they missed a great opportunity of following the books/comics of the same name. Prometheus was better than most people give credit for. I don’t know if it’s because people were expecting something else or not. That being said, there were quite a few things in the movie that just didn’t make sense, such as why would the 2 surveyers, who were supposed to be mapping the facility, get lost, and why would they run from visual image ghosts start playing with an alien life form -.- Also excited for the next one in the series, though I feel they may have pigeoned themselves in a bad spot to start.

Love pretty much all the games, with the exception of the Rock, Paper, Scissors melee crapfest AvP that recently came out. Coloniel Marines wasn’t terrible, except that they pissed away a lot of story that is now cannon, a lot of it doesn’t even make sense. SPOILERS Such as the whole Hick’s thing, and the cancer given from just having the chest burster in you*


For the whole cancer thing with the chestburster, that has been accepted as cannon a long time ago as an explanation for why they couldn’t be surgically removed(or at the least widely accepted). I don’t recall where I saw it, but that was part of what made getting facehugged so scary, knowing that no matter what you try, you are going to die. What I want to know, is if a person gets facehugged, if a medical team could stop an impregnation by removing an embryo after it leaves the facehugger but before it attaches to a person’s insides, therefore possibly preventing the reaction causing the body to deteriorate. Of course the person would have to already be in a position where they could start operating immediately after the facehugger latches on. As for the Hick’s thing, that was really iffy to me, especially since the game was labeled cannon.


The cancer thing is new, the whole pulling off from acid burns is what claimed most of them.


He didn’t just bag Giger, the entire Alien art team was from Jodo’s DUNE!

The documentary is amazing, it sort of changed my life a little bit, as far as my own relationship with the creative process.


No, because the question of why not surgically remove the chestburster has been asked. You couldn’t pull the facehugger off or it would kill the victim, you couldn’t cut the facehugger off or it’s acid would burn the victim. They hadn’t addressed surgically removing the chestburster in Alien because no one knew it was there until it was popping out of Kane’s chest. This was later explained but I don’t recall where, although in several novels, they talked about how WY had tried removing chestbursters surgically but none of the hosts survived. This would have left a huge hole about why not remove the chestburster. This was not new in CM


Let me change my statement. It has been known that chestbursters couldn’t be removed without killing the host, but the exact explantion may be new but I think it is a reasonable answer. Remember that the blood sample they took from Ripley in Alien 3 had xeno DNA ala the Ripley clones in Resurrection having Xeno DNA and that they cloned the Alien as well. So the “cancer” isn’t far fetched


Fair enough. They never stated it was cancer, just that they killed the host removing the facehugger etc… I dunno, it just didn’t feel right. That being said, in Alien Resurrection, **** SPOILERS **** Ripley survived hosting a chestburster and yet still lived. The argument could be made she was part alien at that point, but if that was true, why would a face hugger go after her in the egg sac water room, but then again the alien takes her back to mommy… eh…***** END SPOILERS ****** A lot of books also had hosts survive chestbursters without issue. Oh well.


It’s more than that.

The actual Ripley as we know her died in Aliens 3 as she sunk into the hot lead while being bursted by the xenomorph inside her. The scientists we see between then and Resurrection had tried to clone her both keeping the hybrid DNA intact and while trying to separate the human-Ripley DNA from the Xenomorph DNA.

Essentially there were three working Xenomorph-Human hybrids in Resurrection, flawed or otherwise. The Hybrid Queen, the Ripley clone, & the Newborn. I don’t think a facehugger in its shell would have been able to sense a hybrid, but the Queen & Newborn definitely did recognize the Ripley clone as one of their own. The queen did not appear aggressive, but rather was holding Ripley like a mother would hold its own child in comfort, and the Newborn at no point attempted to kill Ripley and obviously screamed with painful regret after realizing Ripley trapped it on the back of the ship upon the glass breaking. (I personally think there should’ve been an alternate ending wherein the Ripley clone could potentially teach the Newborn about right and wrong instead of killing it outright because I always felt it had demonstrated the human capability to understand.)

Not to mention, like in that last scene, all throughout the film we see acidic blood coming out from the Ripley clone melting anything it touches. A particularly signature trait of Xenomorph biology.


Agreed with that, which is why I meant to imply that it was a fairly flimsy argument on my side. I guess it just boils to all the books as well not confirming the ‘cancer’ growth from a facehugger/chestburster cycle. Maybe it’s just that they finally gave it a name or something. Either way, even according to wikis and wikipedia, there is no mention of the calcification/cancer process. (Which doesn’t mean much either because it’s all run by humans, and we are notoriously bad at accurate information at times)

Regardless, pet peeve, I can move on :slight_smile: But ya, I felt bad for SPOILERS ******************* the whole Hicks thing. It felt stupid that he and Newt fought so hard in the second movie, just to die in exposition between that and the 3rd. What a lame way to go. Then they said, wait… thats not what happened :stuck_out_tongue: Slap in the face*********************

Speaking of which. I guess I should really find out if I can do real spoiler tags. Curse my apathy at times… Curse IT!


It’s all good.

I can’t explain the general universe laws concerning the process of chestbursting, so don’t take what I said as authority for anything than what happened in the films. I just wanted to be clear that the real Ripley did die and what we see in the 4th film is just a hybrid clone of both Xenomorphic & Human DNA.

…though that makes me wonder what the perfect hybrid would be like since all 3 hybrids were generally considered imperfect or flawed. (Though I would wager it’d look most like the Newborn creature, since it’s the only creature that was born with both human and xenomorphic features and not made unlike the Queen & Ripley clone.)


Film wise, Alien was good, Aliens was ridiculously good and the best one in the series, after that the franchise is just lackluster. Even the AVP series is forgettable, still don’t know why they got Paul Anderson to make the first one, he’s not a great film maker.


I’ve never read any of the comics, but I love Alien and Aliens. Alien 3 was okay-ish but I wish they didn’t kill Newt off straight away. Just kinda sucks that she survived so long to die straight away. Resurrection is probably my third favourite out of the series.

AVP was okay, I preferred the first film over the second though.


I honestly liked Prometheus just a bit more than any of the Alien movies tbh. If they are planning to go in the direction I think they are, they are going to cause a MASSIVE sh*tstorm. That is of course saying that I’m right lol


Yeah I’m in the same boat as you, REALLY enjoyed Prometheus and I like the direction they’re going in with it! Plus Idris Elba is like one of my favourite actors, can’t go wrong with him!


Aliens is hands down my favorite movie of all time, I’ve seen it so many times and its one of the few movies I can watch over and over again. Every movie after however has been pretty meh. Prometheus was pretty good and I’m looking forward to the sequel, seemed more like a legit alien movie than most even if it is filled with some stupidity and plot holes.

Hilarious questions about Prometheus


Here is an interesting article about original Script changes that would have made the movie make more sense for Prometheus. It’s a great read.

Hmmm… upon reading that, that isn’t the same article I read a while ago. The article I read also talked about the ‘zombification’ and original makeup for the crazy guy outside. Hmmm… Will need to find it.