The AI is much better but there is one small thing

Just want to say that the monster AI is much better.

There is only one small thing that I think could make it almost indistinguishable from a real player.

When I’m being focused, occationally the AI will break off and attack another hunter even when I’m near death. I don’t think a real monster player would give up the strike so easily, even if they were being punished for it by the other hunters.

Maybe its just me and its supposed to work that way.


Sometimes, I’ve noticed that when you are a medic or support helping your teammate with your abilities, the monster will attack you to prevent you from helping them.

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I noticed that too. Maybe it has something to do with the difficulty level

Ai monsters also have a big problem when running away, especially when slowed.
Often not jumping the right way to get the most distance from hunters, not trying to break sight and sometimes even running back towards the hunters.

Really sad to see a level 1/ 2 Goliath limping slowly while being pelted from all sides.


Difficulty level? I’ve only seen favors hunter/monsters on Evolve: Stage 2.

I am referring to co-op. Are there difficulty levels in co-op? I think that’s only for custom games.

Also agree with the point about monsters limping away and not even trying when the dome is down.

Add to that when you’re RIGHT about to get downed and dome comes down, Monster runs away and wastes all of their effort for nothing.

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I’m on about Evolve: Stage 2 and not for me.