The AI in this game is crazy and better than most players


Like, the hunter AI specifically. They are better than almost every player. If there’s an AI support, he will shield literally anyone you are trying to kill and really make it extremely hard.

This isn’t a complaint, because making really good AI is commendable, but I think it needs to be toned down a bit for multiplayer purposes.


After release when everyone learns how to play the game I don’t think the AI will seem quite as good. Especially since at least half the people playing this game right now have no idea what they are doing.


AI Hunters have a set level of skill, which is not met by newbies players but is exceeded by experienced players. The bots are right in the middle and are programmed to be an asset to the team and fit their role, until it gets replaced by a human player which should happen quite fast, if matchmaking works properly.


I’m going to have to disagree with you here. The hunter AI isn’t good, it’s actually quite bad, it simply compensates for it with the ability to cheat. The part of the team that programmed the Hunters were either lazy, inexperienced, or possibly both. A few friends of mine got together and let the bots go wild, seeing how they played as the hunters and it was absolutely painful to watch. The bots only followed the footprints/monster path and never deviated from doing so unless they directly saw the monster in close proximity. Even if they couldn’t see footprints they would somehow follow the exact path the monster took. This caused them to sometimes be right behind the monster but other times to be well across the map as they take the long way around everything to follow the path to the letter. The one exception to this was if Daisy was alive/in the game in which case they followed her.

They often neglected half of their abilities/weapons. Bucket never used his UAV or cloak and Markov would not use his mines, even during phase 3 when they were waiting at the generator, until the monster was in his face punching him. Caira would not use her damage grenades, etc etc.

They prioritize things in weird/lazy ways. For example when guarding the generator at stage 3 they will constantly run back and forth because they’re trying to go find the monster but their programming is simply being overridden by the new ‘stay within x yards of generator’ part so it causes them to get stuck in this stupid looking loop where they run back and forth (with brief pauses) forever until the monster shows up. This is particularly noticeable in fights. They will travel a bit further when engaging the monster but if it leaves they immediately fall back into the pattern. So the bots will simply leave people to die if they are just barely outside of the leash range to the generator. Lazarus will not even go to pick them up, even if they’re like 15 yards from his current position as he runs back to the generator. The medics have a bad habit of not healing the person actively taking damage from the monster, seeming to target people at random or possibly due to proximity. I haven’t fully figured this one out yet but it has caused a lot of headache.

The AI also likes to walk INTO the path of attacks such as Goliath’s fire breath for reasons I don’t understand. Goliath could be shooting it in a straight direction without moving and sure enough one of them will walk into it.

On the plus side they have some weird perks like being able to run impossibly fast, aim orbital strikes through walls/mountains/from obscenely far away, and of course their inhuman accuracy that causes significant damage.

They never split up to cut the monster off but sometimes one of them will randomly get stuck running into a wall or fighting a pack of monsters by themselves. I got to watch a full minute of Val Bot trying to fight off a group of 5 trapjaws by herself, almost dying in the process and killing only one. The other bots will not come back to assist or wait for this lonesome stupid bot, often causing them to get downed. Only once the bot is downed do the others finally come back to help.

If a player is present in the hunter party they will defer leadership to them. They will not chart their own paths or deviate from the player. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it didn’t mean you are always going to be the first one in line. The trapper will always be behind you if you’re not playing them which can make doming the monster irritating. Even if you’re the medic you’re going to have to be the first one to rush into danger before the rest of the bot team will do anything.

I was hoping the difficulty settings would address this, allowing for the AI to be smarter or dumber but as it turns out the difficulty options are literally “Favors Hunters, Balanced, & Favors Monster”. What does this mean? Balanced is the game as you know it now. Favors Monster either makes the monster more durable / everything else weaker or it makes the monster much more powerful, I haven’t figured out which yet. The same is true of Favors Hunters, the monster and wildlife will die extraordinarily easily.

I haven’t looked at the Monster AI yet to see how it does but at least from the few times I’ve fought one I’ve been more or less satisfied with its combat capabilities but it is something I plan to look at tomorrow (well, later today technically). I also plan to do a full bot v bot match when I can get everyone together. I’ll probably make my own post for this once I do that and can see how the monster AI actually handles things.


Especially hunters that aid like shielding Hank and definitely Val! As a AI she is very good. But I have to say, this is good for monster players who want to train offline against AI?
Great AI programming!!