The AI doesn't work properly in solo games


Since the patch I’ve noticed a few things:

  1. The A.I. Teammates don’t use heal burst or some of their support abilities I.e. Caira’s speed boost.

  2. The A.I. Doesn’t help their teammates from being incapped very often. They used to always help me out.

  3. The A.I. Teammates don’t save you from plants and other wildlife. I had markov just stand there and watch the plant kill me.

  4. I’ve noticed on some rounds, mostly defend, the monster stats right at the drop zone or in defend Spawna with the hunters.

  5. The A.I. Teammates sometimes, at least one of them, I’ll just stop everything and stand there. Not Attack, not even move.

  6. I’ve had cases where the monster won’t even move as well. Not even Attack.

  7. Cases where the A.I. Teammates one or all will go running off in defend and chase the monster for minutes at a time.

  8. Some graphical issues with wraith. Like when he splits into decoy I can still see him as well, so I know where he is.

This all on Xbox one if that helps.

That’s all I can think of for now. But of course I can’t stop playing so I’m sure I will find others lol.