The Adventures of Turtle Shell Studios!


Been passing the time with the game, Dev Tycoon, and created Turtle Shell Studios founded by Han Brolo.

Han Brolo, is an aspiring game designer who really wants to push the industry to next level material and ideas. Currently 23 years old, Han Brolo traveled back in time to 20 years ago in his sweet DeLorean, and now resides in his grandmother’s garage hoping to design that influential game technology of all time before anyone else does!

After 3 months in the garage, his 1st creation is complete! A Hunter’s Tale. A fantasy based role playing game that allows you to put yourself into the role of a Hunter, whose sole purpose is to prevent at all costs, attacks upon your kingdom and great castle of Kneer!

With amazing 2D graphics, excellent dialogue and amazing story line questing, the game was a hit with all reviewers and here is what some had to say!

"9! Great Game." says review magazine Star Games.
"8! Love it!" mentioned Informed Gamer
"9! More please!" Game hero stated in a most recent review
"8! Their focus on dialogues served this game very well." Hailed All Games Magazine

Recent news headlines had mentioned that… Turtle Shell Studios, a newcomer in the game industry, has just released their first game ‘A Hunter’s Tale’. The game received favorable reviews. With such a good start Turtle Shell Studios are sure to gain fans quickly.

Sales reports for the first week mention that A Hunter’s Tale sold 5,194 copies during the first week and made it to #8 on the charts! With such a great turn out, Turtle Shell Studios had managed to gain a following of 39 fans!

Total reports indicate that 26,300 copies of A Hunter’s Tale were sold! The cost of development was roughly $46,000 however total income reached $184,000 giving Turtle Shell Studios it’s first profit of $138,000. Not too shabby for their first game!

I was bored, and thought I’d write up a scenario of this game itself and some of the silly stuff you can do with it. For those of you looking for an inexpensive game to just pass some time, I strongly suggest this one. Not only can you take it serious, but you can also do it for giggles…Like creating a Game company you hate and forcefully making them go bankrupt!


If more people paid for quality games, those game companies people hate would go under. People are way too eager and happy to accept mediocrity. :frowning:

Also, I’m a big fan of the ‘Tycoon’ games in general. Roller Coaster Tycoon was always great.


Unfortunately, Full Throttle Turtles sport simulator didn’t go over as well as A Hunter’s Tale. Although the game did impress someone enough to offer me contract work!


Nothing like sending a train of cars down a crowded sidewalk


I actually liked to build ridiculously awesome coasters that would scare away too many customers, and then just sit up front in first person view.


The very first Roller Coaster Tycoon probably took over 300 hours of my life when I was younger. I just remember playing that every other day, always improving existing rides or leveling the ground for more.

As for Game Dev Tycoon, I haven’t had the chance to play it yet.


So did your customers have to sign TSS’s ToS to play the game? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, all testing was done in-house by myself and my grandmother in our garage.

So far, most games have been a hit with the Studio although not many people took to that Turtle Sports Simulator very well.


So the Turtle Sports Simulator produced by Turtle Shell Studios didn’t have a Terms of Service? Madness! :smiley:


No, TSS, created by TSS, had no TOS for it’s TSSF’s


Tsk Tsk
10 chars.


I heard about this game, I may have to check it out. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve always wanted to try this game. There’s a copy protection feature in it that’s hilarious. If you pirate the game, when you play it’s impossible to succeed because all your profits go down the drain due to, you guessed it, pirating! I remember reading some stories of people posting on their forums complaining about it, not knowing that it was all due to them having a pirated version of the game. :smile:


I always had ZT2.

I dropped pesky guests into a pit. Full of Alligators. Sometimes Tyrannosaurs