The actual issue with the Wraith


I see tons of posts on here debating whether the Wraith is OP or balanced. Mainly hunter players say it’s too powerful, fast, elusive, etc. and the mainly wraith players claim that they simply aren’t playing correctly to take it down. Telling a handful of people on the forum the proper way to do something is pointless when majority of the players will never come here. Telling people on this forum to play correctly is reaching (at an albeit random yet feasible guess) less than 5% of all Evolve players.

This isn’t the real issue with the wraith.

The issue is no one has fun playing against it because it’s going to win in a pub game. If my friends and I play together we handle it well and win against it evenly. If I join a public game at least one player drops when they see the wraith, and the rest of us get destroyed. If public players were going to learn how to actually play against the wraith it would of happened already. We wouldn’t see every game ending with a wraith victory.

This is no longer a debate about if the wraith is balanced or not, it’s the very real threat it poses to TR player base. People are leaving games. If this continues people are going enjoy the game less and less, and it’ll die off. Now this is an extreme reaction to the problem but it’s not impossible. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t play unless I have my team to play with. It’s pointless to me. I’m sure there are others who feel this way, and if they don’t have a team to play then they won’t come back.

Clearly something more than telling people how to play correctly needs to happen. Even if you support the wraith’s current state, surely this holds some merit.

What I’d like to see is the wraith either take some major nerfing, or be removed completely. Then when the ranked matches come around see it’s return to it’s full ability. That way anyone who wants to play against it will know what they are getting into, and will most likely be entering with people who are more knowledgeable and serious being either their team or others who wish for a better player base looking up to the challenge.


People are leaving because wraith is the ONLY monster people use. One wraith dominates a pub game and destroys 4 people. Those 4 people see how “OP” wraith is and immediately go play as her. Then that’s probably at least 8 people that see wraith as “OP” and go play as her and so on and so forth.

The go to answer is always “Play with friends and dominate” But, in reality, not everyone has 3 other friends online 24/7 to play this.


I totally agree. I should have made that clearer. It’s just too frustrating always seeing the wraith show up, and knowing the match is over.