The Achievements! (Xbox One Edition)


First we have the Behemoth reveal, the silhouettes of the fourth tier Hunters and the “PC Monster Race” deal, could this day possibly get any better? Well for your achievement viewing pleasure, here are the achievements! Currently this is for the Xbox One, I’m not entirely sure if they’re going to be the same for the PS4 and Steam versions but we’ll see!

As an achievement maniac, I look forward to completing every single one of these! They all look so creative and challenging to do, so kudos to whomever came up with them! :smile:


Woo, I’d post something funny bit I’m too busy reading.


But…but…i was going to post about this :,(


the watch the credits should be worth more points tbh. like most people dont give a shit. i normally give all games a credits run through (except Mass effect 3, loved the music, watch em all the time)


They will be the same achievement and trophies on PC and PS4


There are going to be tutorials?!


Yeah dude! This was announced a while ago. :smile:


So none of the dev have been able to answer my question about if we unlock everything in the beta what happens with Collect Them All! for example, which is to Unlock All The Hunters And Monsters. Does it just pop when you start the retail version?


Uh, I thought they added new elite skins?

Is that like a post launch thing @MacMan?



I thought the Mammoth Birds had a skin change. Guess I was wrong


Love the nod to Left 4 Dead. Wtf is with the other two? The second is just encouraging douchey gameplay and the third doesn’t make sense to me.


Pictures might not be final, so I’ve been told!

Either way, I look forward to any of them being one of my backgrounds! :smile:


Did anyone else read about the profile badge creator 0_0


Also confirmed, which I am looking forward to creating a Bucket badge, of course! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These are the old elite skins. Probably left in the image as an Easter Egg. Kinda cool, huh?


You know I sure did!

Rather diggin’ the Tyrant head actually…


Wow i didn’t know you could kill a monster while in capped that must be a tough achievement to get


Awesome achievements, I never expected any less. Good job trs.


Is this your artwork or taken from official evolve content?


It’s one of the achievement pictures from the link, hopefully if this one ends up being the actual achievement picture then it may be my background. Lots to choose from here!


Im more interested in relation to some of the humanoid characters in the pic, could the bottom one be the new species that looks to be tier 4 trapper?