The ability to play with crap players


I enjoy the ranking system, I really do. But I don’t like how I’m limited to only some of the player base. Sometimes I feel like being on a shit team so I can laugh and film it and make a noob compilation with gazillions of views on YouTube. All jokes aside. What if you’re off your game that day so want to take it easy and play with slightly “lesser” players but are forced to play with similiar levelled players who are super competitive and yell at you over the mic because you missed a dome, when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa with ice-cream and binge watch Netflix and you start wondering how your life became so meaningless…

I can see why this method was implemented and I get it! But can’t I please have a noob day?!


Is this whole thing a joke our just the start? because they wouldn’t have this just because good players would go back just to wreck new or learning players.


Meh I guess. But then you’re just assuming that everyone at a high level are assholes… fair assumption.


has nothing to do with being an asshole. its just a fact that higher up people would go play with low levels just for the sake of having an easy game


It’s funny cause I feel the exact opposite. Get me away from these noobs. I’m ready to get matched up with the tryhards.


I’m not much into segregation in anyway. It takes away from the multiplayer experience. You have a friends list why not utilize that?


My biggest problem with this is that some people are monster players, some hunters. If you try to play as the other for a change, you will probably get rekted… so i kinda support the OP’s idea… somewhat…