The 4th trapper's Secret Identity

2k publishes this game. We know the 4th trapper has a bird. Based on this clear and irrefutable evidence, our 4th trapper can only be one man:


So, without further ado… “Bring me his head my pet!”


Lol not gonna lie i thought the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol not gonna lie too but the moment i saw the words ‘2k’ and ‘bird’, I thought of the same thing too.

I remember somebody creating a thread last time too, about cross-referencing borderlands. Maybe this is it.

I would just love to hear the chats between him and the others. As a side note, you think the rest of the T4 hunters will be the other Vault Hunters? Say… Brick for assault. I know, probably not, but it is fun to speculate. I’m even more interested in any mutagen war survivor (insect spliced side) banter between them (the spliced guys) and Hyde and Lazarus.

It isn’t totally implausible though. BL2 ended with them discovering that there were vaults all across the galaxy. What if there was one on Shear?

image blood wing with kraven

those are wasted words on an HEADLESS bird.

Good thing we have Lazarus then, right? It doesn’t pay to get ahead of yourself. One should never loose their head in a conversation. I’m glad we we headed off that line of discussion.

to late. already decayed! :wink:

they showed sketches for hunter ideas and one of them was a dude called dusty who had a bird, i think it is him.

3rd trapper

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'Twas meant to be a joke topic, but now that you mention it, the silhouette does look Mordecai-ish… and that one Assault is literally named “Brick”. Whoa.