The 20 Most Annoying Things Other Players Do


This list is purely focused on Hunter play where you rely on other people to win the game. The formula for working out how high the annoyance is in the list is the below:

Level of Annoyance x Frequency of Occurrence2

Feel free to add in your own annoyances.

  1. Reviving Daisy over a player - seriously!? Is an AI controlled space dog going to do more than a player controlled medic?!
  2. Unnecessary killing of wildlife - “Let’s kill all these harmless wildlife and make it easy for the monster to Evolve!”… said nobody ever.
  3. Lack of soundspikes/tracking darts - Monster just hits stage 3 without a confrontation. “How has this happened!?” Checks mini map… “Seriously Trapper!?”
  4. Assault not shooting - this is low in the list due to it only happening once but genuinely once had a Markov that didn’t know the range of his lightning gun and never shot at the monster once.
  5. Hank not Shielding - think this speaks for itself.
  6. Players getting killed by elite wildlife - guys I’ve just tagged that tyrant be carefu… CANNONBALL!!! Splash!!!
  7. Players getting killed by practically harmless wildlife - “help guys- a Canyon Strider just took me down.” That shouldn’t even happen. You deserve to die.
  8. Power Relay Clutch Play - 20 seconds till we drop. Power Relay at a quarter health and Monster doing good damage. And that Support who’s the other side of the map. We’ve all been there.
  9. Invisible Jetpacks - HE CAN SEE YOU IF YOU USE IT!!!
  10. Walking out of the kill zone - we’ve set up all the traps. Everyone take up the positions we agreed on and stay there. “Hey Guys I’m just going to check out over here… ahhhggg he’s got me!!!”
  11. Lazarus standard reviving - only happened in one game but enough to make the top 10. "I’m down guys… oh good there’s Lazarus don’t worry…hey… hey use the glove. Why are you pressing square!? Why are you pressing square!? WHY ARE YOU PRESSING SQUARE???
  12. Trappers not putting the dome down - Infuriating yes, but not as infuriating as…
  13. Trappers not taking the dome up- YOU DIDN’T GET HIM! IT’S JUST US IN HERE!? R1! R1! R1!!!
  14. Impromptu Orbital Strikes - I’ve nearly got the dome on him guys… just a little further… nearly… ORBITAL STRIKE! Everybody scatters. Monster gets away with no damage. Thanks for the ‘Support’.
  16. Leading the monster to me - I’m Lazarus. Two team mates are down. The only thing the other guy needs to do is keep the monster busy so I can jump down and cloak revive. Simple right? No- flame breath. Dead. Thanks. It happened the other day and I’m still upset about it.
  17. Splitting off from the group - “I’m level 28 guys so I know what I’m doing, I’ll go this way on my own to cover more ground -I can handle myse… AHHGG PLANT! Get me out! Get me out! You are the worst team ever!!!”
  18. Medics not healing - STOP SHOOTING IT VAL AND HEAL ME!
  19. Not knowing when to run away- I’m the Assault and my team is dead and the monster is Stage 3 and has half his health still. I can take him… No. No you can’t
  20. And the biggest annoyance in the game is… Players reviving other team mates while you play Lazarus. OMG- I literally want to kill everybody. This happens allllllll the time. I always have my mic on when I play and the amount of times I am screaming down it: Don’t revive them! Don’t revive them! Please don’t revive them! Literally when I am 5 feet away Seriously what is the point of being Lazarus if other team mates do it. I have rage quit so many games when people do this. It seriously needs to stop- it is making me hate a game I love!


Okay … embarrassing as this is, one time? As Assault? I think it was on Barracks, and I was trying to scale that structure in the middle of the map and I had half my health and a Canyon Strider kicked me because I had my back to it, and I was incapped and died because my team was hot on the Monster’s tail. Not saying I didn’t deserve it, but sometimes shit happens. :laughing:


I didn’t know Canyon Striders actually attacked?


If they’re the tall, leggy, giraffe-like things, then yes … yes they do. :grimacing:


Thats a nomad not a canyon strider


No, those are nomads. Canyon Striders are the smaller creatures, the size of Mammoth Birds. The Elite one gives the movement speed buff. (and they look and sound really pathetic when they’re about to die :frowning: )


Ahh, okie. I still only know it as “bastard.” :laughing:


Sometimes this is a gambit worth consideration, especially if a match on a smaller map ends up a protracted fight, and against Goliath particularly. (I have a feeling this will come into play even more when Behemoth arrives.) The bodies of wildlife decay over time when you kill then, so the more time passes, the less overall food may be left available to the monster. Killing off most of the wildlife in a certain area of the map can deny those areas to the monster for feeding when they need quick armor after a stage-up or mobile arena, or possibly even when they need to stage-up to stage 3; sometimes you can force fights or harass the monster within one of these “food deserts” (lol, sorry) and put them on the ropes. Worst case scenario, the monster doesn’t have to spend a half second easily killing a creature, but gets a smaller meal because it decayed some. It is a gamble though. If you’re not harassing the monster or it gains distance on you, it can notice your plan and just have quick meals on-the-run lined up for them - especially true against the Wraith who has less armor & needs less food.


Well I can understand supports that keep their distance/ runs and shoot from afar, because they actually need too to have the team alive, but being on the other side of the map? No, but I just hope you know running when you’re the last hunter is a good idea, just not going too far and there is also the chance that when you shoot the monster he will instanly go directly to you with fire( goodbye cloak), abduction or lighting strike.


I am sitting at work laughing my ass of with tears in my eyes, absolutely hilarious man and 100% true!!!


I have to agree that there is a place for wildlife killing, mainly 3 meats so that they decay before the monster swings back around. Plus then it leaves more 1 and 2 meats for them to eat and higher chance of carrion birds. Sometimes (and I do mean sometimes) 1 meats are good to take. They’re a very quick eat and give that hit of armour for a monster on the run, so if you get them early it can help. Of course if the monster is behind you it can screw up real quick.

That laz being beaten to revives though sigh happens too often for my liking.

I reckon orbital barrage could jump one up the list on Cabot. It seems to impact regularly as I get flung across the dome as well.

Haha, this thread is awesome.


If you see an elite tyrant you don’t tag it with a tracking dart, you tag it with an orbital barrage.


I thinkn that with wildlife sometimes people kill them precisely to avoid a little canyon strider hitting them and taking life away, and sometimes there isn’t a choice to make. The monster is never going to have a hard time killing wildlife, the problem with being on the run is mostly eating them, IMHO.


I genuinely didn’t know about decay/how the carrion birds are affected so I guess this point is null and void now as it seems quite useful for the gameplay. “I got 19 problems but wildlife decay ain’t one”


I guess the point still stands. There ARE some valid reasons to kill wildlife (I’d rather kill an elite tyrant and let the monster have the buff early on when he has no life to regen than later and see a Stage 3 monster regrow 4 bars of health while my teammates are hugging the relay) but I still see trigger happy assault killing everything in sight and it’s just plain annoying.


I usually play Laz, kills me when people feel the need to revive. When he heals he doesn’t suggest dying to get a better heal because he’s a dick, it’s because you will get a better heal if you die.

Also, I always bring Daisy back to life. She is the only one who is usually smart enough to come pick up the medic when I get downed.


Sneaky revives from Daisy DO win games, but reviving her over a downed hunter? Sounds a bit extreme (even though some players deserve it)


If they are really bad sometimes Daisy is the better option. To be honest if it looks like a match is going badly I just want my 3 revives/2 cloak revives to 3 star my Lazarus so I’ll take whatever dies closest.


THE POWER OF CABOT. kiting the monster to hell and back through walls and whatever else. especially effective at the rendering plant power relay. i managed to wint he game cause the monster couldnt find my cabot and i kept shooting him through walls. HAHAHAHA

  1. If the monster is standing over the downed Val, and Daisy is downed 50 feet away, I’ll revive her. Either a) We’ll get Daisy back up, or b) the monster will notice me reviving Daisy and come to stop me, leaving my 2 teammates to revive the now unprotected Val.

  2. As people have said, food decays. Killing weak ‘one hit’ wildlife might save the monster half a second later, but it could have decayed 1-2 bars in that time. The reward outweighs the risk.

  3. That one’s more on the medic than the specific player. I completely ignore (or kill, as in point 2) canyon striders because they’re absolutely not a risk, and so do many other players. If your teammate is low enough for a Canyon Strider to take them down, the medic’s an awful player.

  4. If the monster knows where you are, you HAVE to jetpack dodge out the way…

  5. If it’s a terrible area, sometimes it’s worth not using the arena. For example, if it’s an incredibly moutainous area vs the wraith, and your team is Caira, Hyde, Cabot, and Abe, it’s probably better to chase the wraith a tad until it’s in a more easily accessable area. Similarly if you’ve got a Hank, Val, Parnell, and Griffin vs the Goliath, you’ll want to avoid trapping them in a cave.

  6. Splitting is a perfectly acceptable tactic, if done correctly. It’s when it’s done BADLY when it’s the problem. I do it all the time as the trapper and get my allies to flush the monster out towards me. As long as you’re smart and avoid tyrants, megamouths, and plants, then it’s fine.

  7. Yeah but his device has a cooldown. If there’s 2 allies down at once, I’ll revive one or else we’ll be 3v1 for half a minute, or worse if the second person dies. They become unreviveable or eaten pretty fast. Then it’ll be 3v1 for another 2 minutes, and they’ll have a strike on them anyway.
    I expect you mean when its just one person downed and no monster in sight tho. THAT is so goddamned irritating.

The rest of them are actually annoying, though, but there’s always a time and a place for some more unorthodox tactics.

I also can’t believe you didn’t mention ‘shooting the monster that’s about 200 meters away, alerting them to our presence and giving them extra stamina to run away’.