The 2 Small things that need to get changed


Since Evolve went F2P i’ve played over 30 hours. These are the two things that i’d like to see changed and can easily be changed:

  • Show the equiped skins on the “WAITING TO DEPLOY” screen. Not the default skins!

  • Lower the ‘waiting to deploy’ time to 1:00 minute instead of 1:30.

Turtlerock, please abide!


It annoys you that the picture you see at character select is not the skin you chose? Wow


I think that would be quite cool.


I didn’t say character select anywhere. I said WAITING TO DEPLOY screen. Those are two different things.


Lol man. OK. Your slaves Turtlerock will spend resources changing the waiting to deploy screen just because it annoys you. No problem man. Great thread. :unamused:


All suggestions are made because at some level people are annoyed that the game isn’t what it could be. Thanks for your hating man :wink:


There are far more important things needed in the game.


Which will all take far more time to implement. These two things can easily be changed and take little time to do so. Therefor, it needs to change.


This is something they’d like to have done.


True, but he can still suggest other features. Something I really want to see is the ability to save and name a set of perks, so I can choose between them at ease. Not a particularly major feature but a nice small one.


This is a better request. Actually useful.


Since this thread is in the suggestion category. Hxxx, i suggest you go else where with your baby remarks.


As you say my lord.


Was it mentioned anywhere in a devblog or so? Happen to have a source or url?


I don’t have a source but this is something I’ve seen them mention several times on the forums as something they’d like to do.


One of the things that annoy me are people who mention TRS as if they own them or something.


Your post is annoying.


Please refrain form making personal attacks if you dislike a comment, thank you


well… to be honest i think there are more pressing matters. While this is a nice to have, resources should be applied somewhere else.