The 100,000 co-op plays milestone is absurd



For a game that has 2000 active players at one moment, with lack of possibility to pick a map (so it’s completely random), with the mode itself being rather repetitive (the announcer saying the exact same things over and over and over again does not help), to accumulate 100,000 co-op matches in 3 days is just ridiculous and basically impossible.
I suck at math, but bear with me. There are 2000 active players at one moment, so let’s say half of them plays the Deepest Dark at once. I know, optimistic. Now, an average match lasts about 15 minutes, but you also need to wait for the game to match you and to pick the Deepest Dark, so let’s say that’s 20 minutes. So you can play 3 matches an hour, once again, on average. Now, 1000 players per hour means 3000 matches per hour. That means you can get over 100,000 co-op plays if all the people in the game play the Deepest Dark for 34 hours straight.
Obviously, people come and go, so there are more players than just 2000, but even with that rotation in mind, expecting this group of people to match that amount is rather silly.
People play other maps, some don’t like co-op, some didn’t play the game for some time, some didn’t like this new mode at all, most people had troubles finding it.
Now, I’m going to play and try to help out, but with less than 17 hours left and only 34.000 matches, this is an impossible mission.


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