That's why this game is the best



Just took out a Lvl. 39 Stage 3 Goliath with full armor and very high health.

My heart is racing and I may be fully erect.

:confounded: :gun:




Ha. I just left the game hearing about how much he got a boner from that match and come here to see this. I cant escape your boner talk


Two days ago me and my school squadron took out a Level 37 Stage 3 Magma Kraken with full armor and full health through the power of teamwork.

Parnell, Griffin, Laz, and Hank. We wrecked him.



It’s a good feeling, man.


We coordinated everything so well.


Holy shit…


Agreed! Best feeling ever. The next match I had our Parnell left and we all freaked out. The Markov just chilled there and he Stage 3 Goliath killed us with only 1 armor bar left. It charged attacked the Markov, and went barreling straight into a cluster of Arc Mines, effectively slaughtering it. Everyone verbally screamed “FUCK YEAH!”.


Thank you for sharing this … Erm… Experience with us. Awesome job on taking the monster down. I have not taken down a stage three yet myself.

P.s. Some medical advice. If it last more then four hours please seek help immediately.


Please… Stay… I insist.


Them mines are the best. Shit the only thing I did was dodge him and lead him into the mines as caira.


It’s an amazing game. The wins are hard earned cause it’s all so tense and balanced. It’s exhilarating to make it after a gruesome fight and best your opponent :slight_smile:


Yeah, the mines are absolutely brutal. They tore through his shield and health in no time.


We were getting mad at the assault too man, yelling at him to come with us and hunt the monster. He was just all, “You guys will thank me after you’re dead”. We didn’t believe him.

That Stage 3 charged STRAIGHT into FIVE mines. Oh boy, that was incredible. I’m pretty sure I recorded it on my XBox Upload.