That's right Jparty!



reads title



I wonder how JParty is doing now that he works on Roblox. Big step up


Never forget:stuck_out_tongue:


Lmao this is gold! Brings back so many memories too. This also had my hopes up that he’d be back :pensive:.

Favorite part: The key to success is definitely Jparty!


Damn I miss the two guys :frowning: It was so fun to watch them.


Omg this was just fantastic I remember watching these streams and getting so hyped for the game before it was released. Good times JParty,. good times…


These are the only two people who I could listen to cast Evolve. It’s a shame they never casted pro tournaments after launch.


Oh, I remember this. It fucking amazing.


They were probably the best commentators we had so far on Evolve. DB was sometimes exaggerated. Jparty was very insightful though. Thanks for the video.


little known fact jparty, is jparty


Damn, it looked so good when it was darker.


Wait, are you serious? :joy:

Edit: holy shit, I think he’s serious


Jparty died for our sins


We miss you JParty. :frowning:

Literally the best commentary duo for the pre-launch streams was @DB_Sinclair and Jparty.


Squishy squishy very delishy JParty. My friends and I still quote that