That's it. Next time i see hunter with 8 or more win streak i will just quit game


I fight on the one side of map, then run to the other without ever stopping to feed, and using 2 movement skills and all the traversals, evolve - and instantly domed by the assault. This is insane - being able to run trough entire map only slightly slower then a monster. Almost always never leaving smell range, always shooting at the back… That can be only two options - cheats or abusing bad ballance. Maybe playing vs bots constantly will teach them about both things, and will make dev’s start ballancing this crap gameplay, where you cannot have even half of the minute of peace.


It’s all in experience. Not bad balancing.

Take some coaching lessons and I’m sure you will get the hang of it :smiley:


My expirience is enough, i play since release. It was hunter-favored before, but at least you had chances with stealth, but now it’s pure insanity.


Correct, now you must use all the juking moves you have because of how fast they are. You must cut LoS as much as you can.

And that requires some practice and experience. From this current build.


They could be combing the map in a horizontal line, instead of following tracks, clue in a beeline.


I don’t get how some people say that the hunters are soooo OP. And the same amount of people say the monster is soooooo OP. The game feels very well balanced to me


What is the point of breaking los if they can follow you trough entire map just by tracks and still be right on the tail? And if you stealth - satellite will find you.


No they are not. Map is with weather thingy in the middle. I ran from the beach to the other side of map (big circular thing), that is 100% of the map lenth, and he still chased me 10 or 15 seconds later.


You have to stop trying to avoid the dome and focus more on eating while on the move. After the updates you WILL be domed throughout the match but if you get hurt in that dome the dome will drop allowing you to run and eat again.

The new way to play is run and eat, fight in a dome, rinse and repeat.


So, just to clarify, you’d rather quit and save some meaningless win/loss ratio and/or streak as opposed to potentially learning something? Bloody Hell.


How much can you eat between domes? 4-5 middle-food creatures? Dome cooldown is short. You will be domed minumum 2 times on stage 1 (if hunters are not retards, ofc), and more then 4 times on stage 2. It’s obvious that you have to eat on the run, but point is that there is nowhere to run.


Yes, this. A thousand times this, Nasha. Preach.


…Sunny/Caira team ?


Have you tried using the feeding and movement speed perks? If you are struggling to eat and stage up you can use those to get away and eat faster.

Just trying to give you some suggestions on what you are having a hard time with.


Sounds more like a problem with your playstyle than the game.


I don’t care about mine win rations or anything like that.

But if a guy manages to keep win streak with RANDOMS in team - that’s something wrong with the ballance. Because with proper ballance even ONE bad hunter should be enough for entire team to lose the game. But now, when the fucking assault can do trapper’s work and use shield to survive being solo in dome - it’s just too easy to win. So i won’t amuse the guy i cannot beat anyway because i cannot believe that he matched with a team of pros all the time. It’s just damn ballance that allows people to carry without depending on team much.


Have you ever consider that win streak is not segregated by monster/hunter? he could have a 8 monster win streak and later he decides to play hunter.


[quote=“ElvenNeko, post:16, topic:91253”]
But if a guy manages to keep win streak with RANDOMS in team - that’s something wrong with the ballance.
[/quote]Does it not occur to you that the win streak could have been from monster play and the guy has just been put on the hunter team because you were given the monster slot for the game? As far as I’ve seen so far the game doesn’t split the win streaks.

Also, no. If a team of randoms has a win streak, it’s clearly because they’re good at the game. Bloody Hell. I’ve managed a winstreak with randoms way back during release-era.


^ this

My win streak is up to 28 now and that includes around 6 hunter wins (Lennox ftw)


And i am always throwed on this fucking map. 5 times in a row already. There is better and bigger maps where you can have more then 20 seconds to eat before someone will shot you - but no, game throws me on hardest map again and again. Wasn’t there a map vote before?