That's a lot of blood


That is quite a bit of blood for eating Glaciopod poop…


it was tiger goliaths day of the month? :confused:


i know its so weird it must be painfull to poop blood


It honestly looks like he just smears it around.


Glaciopods are the real monsters of shear. The monsters were sent to stop Glaciopods from killing all of the humans but the humans though that the monsters were the ones attacking shear. That Glaciopod had probably just finished swallowing an entire human.


and the bones make the exoskeleton :neutral_face:
oh god


Maybe Glaciopods just excrete a lot of blood for medical purposes? Blood letting is still a thing right?


I dont think so unless its a transplant
though they might be pooping out poison but then they shoud have died after the 2nd poop as there is alot of blood in those craps


HMMM i know “Don’t as us why its the future”


Confirmed, Glaciopods’ diets consist of only chipotle. That Goliaths gona be feeling that later.