That was awesome!


I just killed Goliath after about 10 seconds of tracking him. I was Hank. Saw him in the distance feeding and let loose the orbital barrage and bam…game over. Hunters win!!
3 achievements too for that!!!


It was a direct hit and I took no damage and nor did any of my team. Amazing! :blush:


Great, thanks for identifying a character that needs to be nerfed.

You are doing your part to help the community.

Carry on.


Why does he need to be nerfed just because I got s direct hit from 100 + feet away?
Strange response


He meant it as a joke. People on the forums are complaining about characters being too op.


Goku is OP :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh really? Don’t think so generally but this was a bit of a freak hit tbh


If you can take out a monster with one hit you are overpowered and need to be nerfed.


Crazy cows are OP!


Seriously. Stupid Heifers :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess. Either way it was immensely cool and in 90 odd games I’ve never got anywhere near taking out the monster like that so it was enjoyable.
3 achievements which I never thought is get too
Beat the monster in under 2:05. Beat the monster whist taking no damage and beat the monster without using your class ability. Excellent.
I take your point though :wink:


If you stand in the orbital for the full duration thinking ‘Man this is OP!’ then you deserve to lose. It is INCREDIBLY easy to avoid taking the ENTIRE barrage to the back of the head. Most orbitals usually do a bar or two or Armor damage before the monster stumbles out of range of it. Double to Triple if you had good synergy with your Harpoon Trappers.

The only time I’ve ever seen a full-orbital hit happen was when we caught a Monster Evolving a little too close to us, and he was already near death (Under a bar of HP before the Evolve)


Still, no one single ability should be able to wipe out a level 1 monster.

That is just ridiculous.

If he has 1 or possibly 2 bars left then that is fine but a full health monster dropping to one ability?



Ha… haha… HAHA WHAT

You can’t be serious. That monster player must have been pretty new to stand in the barrage and take the full damage. Any stage 1 monster with little armor will get severely wrecked by hanks Orbital. Any good monster will get TF away from an orbital. IMO Hanks orbital barrage is more about area denial. Incapped friend gonna get eaten? Orbital on him to keep the monster away! Monster gonna escape down this path? Orbital in front of him! He will take big damage if he still tries to escape! Monster stuck with stasis grenades or a harpoon? Orbital! Try and get some damage on him!

Not to mention the fact that the ENTIRE ABILITY is USELESS unless the monster has direct LoS to the sky. Soem maps dont even have their power relays visible from the sky!


The only thing crazy is standing still long enough to be orbital barraged.

The ability also makes you think carefully about where you want to evolve. Getting nuked while evolving is pretty bad news, better stick to caves!!!


It was offline mate so the monster was CPU controlled level 1 and clearly hadn’t eaten anything when I unleashed the orbital on him.


And you didnt capture the footage…? For shame.


Didn’t even think of that! Dam. Good point well made mate