That strange guy who sometimes replaces the hunter


Yeah most of us seen that dude who replaces someone in team.
And yeah i know its a bug. But.
I like that thing.
Why wont you make it a game feature?
Could there be a chance that if your team is loosing few games in a row there’s a chance to start game as a secret hunter.
Or if you loosing a monster games in a row there’s a small chance to spawn as a secret monster.

I saw a thread where some guy was asking how to make hunt more fun. Well i think this thing will totally rock.

What you think guys?


Ebonstar Ally :slight_smile:


Then you’ll get people intentionally throwing games just so they can get a 1/4 chance to spawn as said secret hunter.

Real fun.


Thanks for hint. Now i know how to call him XD


No no just make it a total random then. Why not?


Because people want to play what they chose, not randomly get put as something you didn’t.

How would you like to go to your favourite burger joint to buy that juicy Angus and you randomly get a cold cut subway sandwich that you didn’t even pay for it.

Sorry dude, but you may want to give those ideas of yours more time to process.


Well i like that kind of random events in games and in real life too.
Btw im not eating fast food.
But if such things happen i; always like-“Yeah why the hell not?”


Better hope you that meal didn’t randomly get mishandled and give you food poisoning then :wink:

Then your “Yeah why the hell not” may turn into “Oh god, why the hell did this happen!”

Just saying.


Well im not that kind of guy who regrets his decisions.
Well if it would be poisoned then i just hope this will be delicious stake. XD