That perfect dome


So the story goes:

I was a trapper and threw a dome. The dome came down in such a way that it trapped the monster between a wall and itself, which made it unable to move, but still left a small gap at the side for us to shoot through. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Thats the feeling of a perfect dome. :laughing:


This happened to me. As Goliath. Couldn’t move at all. Then Cabot and Torvald walk around the side and oh boy…


I assume you quitted? This is one case where I think it’s forgivable if the monster quits.

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I did not. I saw it through to the end. I didn’t win, but I died trying. I lost all but a sliver of health in that bad engage, managed to avoid Railgun shots and get full armor. Nearly won though, Torvald was last up and on low health. ^.^


Nice! But kinda weird they didn’t manage to kill you. Our team managed to kill this trapped monster before the dome was up.


I was lucky enough to have only part of my shoulder exposed and not too much time left on the dome before they got into position. More luck than skill, to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue: I probably would’ve lost anyway, I have this god awful habit of getting supremely cocky, thinking I can get a few strikes stage 1 and losing most o f my health…

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My favourite kinda dome is when you throw it and you watch the monster dash/fly/jump/roll riiiight as the wall comes down on them and just seeing them splat into it.
So, so so satisfying.


I recently had a bad dome on weather control where the trapper had me trapped with the wraith in one of the small cave tunnle.


I had a similar thing with the behemoth recently. I got the assault + trapper caught between my rock wall and the platform that I was standing on. I just spat into it and punched them when they tried to climb out and they slowly cooked.

I guess you could say they were caught between a rock and a hard place B)



Happened to me as Goliath and Wraith once. Goliath was free falling in place near weather controls relay. Took em a while to find me there lol. But by the time they started shooting I was already using some melees to wiggle out. Boy did they wish they found me sooner. Wraith…well I was stuck on a rock and a cliff crouched. Couldn’t move but atleast they couldn’t find my small ass.


My perfect domes? I throw down the dome, and then it lands on the ground. Then the Goliath walks out of the enclosed dome. GG for Goliath, it was a perfect dome for him.


This happened to me as assault. Dome came down and trapped me between it and a rock. Everyone was fighting the monster and I wanted so badly to join in. Somehow the trapper came over and shot me out. Not sure how it worked, but I was grateful.


I’ve never seen this and would love to see a screenshot or even better a clip of a monster getting annihilated whilst being absolutely helpless to stop it :laughing:

If anybody knows of any footage etc. link it!


I don’t have any screenshots of a monster being annihilated, but I do have some screenshots of some funny domes.

Here I’m trapped between some rocks and the dome. They knew I couldn’t move, so they decided to keep the dome until it went down so they could laugh it out.

Here the Medic and I get trapped in a pocket isolates us from rest of the team.

Here I’m trapped in the aviary. There was a little gap that made it possible for me to breath fire on the trapper and take him down instantly as the dome went down.