That one moment of clarity you have every now and then


Be me, starting up evolve, watching the intro cinematic, and I realize something.
Its everyones first match.
Literally all the plays you see are what noob monsters and hunters do.
Markov pops his shield before taking damage.
Hank does nothing but sit on the Laser Cutter.
Val is trying to be a leet sniper.
Maggie doesn’t even dome the monster.
Goliath only attacks the hunter thats attacking him.
And the hunters aren’t even trying to conserve their jetpack.
Sound familiar?
Does to me.
Ahhh level 1, how I don’t miss you so ^.^

The Intro Video is All Lies and Bad Examples


That’s how I feel about the ending evacuation cinematic!!! When all the Hunters die they’re alluding their lesser abilities, looking all scared. Hyde with his mini gun, Caira with her dumb fire grenades.


Wraith is decoy spamming, Goliath is using a lvl 1 Rock Throw, Kraken doesn’t even use his ranged melee like wtf guis, git gud


Not to mention BROhemoth and tier 4 are aparently taking a toilet break.


lol, I saw another post that the opening was completely wrong… after all, did you notice while watching… someone was missing?

You got Maggi… where’s Daisy!!!

But yeah. Great action opening… but not at all actual gameplay, lol.