That moment when you get 7 carrion birds in a row, and a pack of TrapJaws



It’s OK, the game just hates you… :innocent:


At least it was against a Maggie so I can get away with birds :stuck_out_tongue:



I got 3 in row against a griffin


I always wonder how some monsters manage to go 10 minutes without carrions, there is no map with so much wildlife in caves…


Pure luck. I usually get 1 Carrion pack stage 1. If I’m unlucky 2. I’d say 25% of the time no birds (if I kill 7 Wildlife to reach stage 2) 50% for 1 bird and 25% for 2+ birds.


The amount of RNGeesus in this game is really annoying, especially when playing against good people.


Insert Bad Luck Brian monster version meme here. Shit happens. Adapt and evolve.


It was frustrating, but I know this mechanic is balanced. If I was against an Abe/Griffin I would have began sneaking. Against the Maggie I just needed to create distance. It was relatively early in the game, so it didn’t screw me over super hard. I did get a ton of food though :stuck_out_tongue:


*would’ve / would have


I would :heart: this a thousand times if I could.