That moment when...this happens

Ever felt like this pouncing or being pouncedimage If so lets talk about our pouncing experiences


Getting pounced by a behemoth or pouncing as it seems like a chuck norris/bruce lee experience.

But man does it feel good pounding a hunter into oblivion :smiley:


Lets not get this serious here, this was and still is a decent topic.

indeed it does feel amazing just scarry when it happens. Dang it SmokeMassTree ruined my mind.

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Back to it then…

If it sounds dirty, thats not his fault, thats yours :wink:

Experience will lead you into the restraint you require to prevent such perverted thoughts from rushing up your mind.

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Me personnally hates when i miss a pounce by a couple feet

Words of the Wise my friend…

The edit button exists, thats another phrase of the wise for ya xD

Thank you very much

What do you see when you look at it than?

What do you think your worst miss is

NO stop image

How do Gifs work??? and please dont instigate the dirtyness

Friends playing catch.

Or playing tag

i shall flag you to the pits of behemoths bowels if you dont stop

Stop what? You asked a question, I answered. You got the response you wanted.

I was asking about experiences not suggestive themes like what you are bringing up

I wonder if Wraith like Behemoth’s Tongue…

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