That Moment When (Situational Discussion)


You are searching as a Hunter and you can’t find any Monsters.

“D-Did we win?”

Basically, just post you’re wtf moments while playing evolve or just funny stuff that happens.


When trying to find a match as a Monster.

“Too many Monsters.”

First Shear, next the universe!


When successfully defending the evac ship just to find out that the monster killed more people than you saved.



When an armadon and a nomad are both charging you


When you’re a Trapper, and your teammate puts a portal down behind you without telling you. So you proceed to be sucked out of the Mobile Arena without your knowledge and the dome comes down with the Monster only having a couple bars of health and no armor, which allows the Monster to escape and reach Stage 3 where they eventually win.

@TomsMeatPlatter (I’m never going to let Zepolean live that down…)


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When I survive a barrage from Val, Hank, Abe and Torvald as a stage 3 Wraith just to be taken out by a Mammoth Bird.


Well, this is a separate topic. It’s a comedic situation thread.


Nah, seems ok on its own. :slightly_smiling:


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When Goliath drops Support down to his last sliver of health, winds up for a rock throw, and Hank lands a killshot to the head to win. (This legitimately happened, but I didn’t have a Kinect, nor did I know how to make clips without it. :cry:)

My proudest moment in Evolve… and I’ll be the only one who remembers how it happened…


When you’re tracking down the last Silver-elite hunter, few seconds before dropship, and he jukes you with cloak…

…Then you realize he stepped on a plant.


When your team is on the dropship and the monster has one bar of health, and your Support with a sliver of health left backs up into a reaver trying to hit the relay :cry:


when you, on solo, play as trapper. monster chases you down. play as medic. monster hunts you down. support? monster hunts you down. assault? you guessed it. Monster don’t wanna destroy the humans, just you.:expressionless:


double tap home button and press X to record last 30 seconds


that moment when your the last hunter who kills the monster but the monster won
(this legitly happened it was on one of maddcows streams i believe)


MRW I get matched up with randies that are far worse than I am somehow.


That moment when youre s3 bob with a little over helf health, youre wrecking the hunters, and BOOM! you hit an invisable wall, then another one, and another one! and… Another one!! youre trapped in invisable walls, and hank manages to call down two? orbitals while lenny is shoving a nasty toothpick up your ass. (the last two hunters)


That moment when the hunters talk crap over their mic at you then get wiped out five minutes later by the wildlife.


That moment when the monster brags about his win/loss ratio in the lobby and is already calling the next match an easy win but you destroy him with no strikes on anyone and he rage quits