That moment when a BOLD BLUE SHIELD BAR covers a nearly dead hunter



What? Can you take a picture of this?



I think he mean a nearly dead hunter being shielded.


Ohhhh. Okay. I thought it was like a glitch where a downed or dead hunter just has a big blue bar covering it.


Yes I mean the shield lol


Ah, okay. You have no idea how close I was to changing this to the Bugs category! Lol.


Lol no I was just at a loss of worlds for the title (I honestly didn’t know the exact term for the blue bar [which happens to be shield]) It could’ve been armor or something for all I knew lol.


I added the word “shield” in for the title, so that should help if anyone else sees it.


XD no worries, just pounce :smiley_cat:


You could also replace “bar” with “wall/dome/arena” and “nearly dead hunter” with “you” if you’re feeling extra special.


Bold blue shield dome? :stuck_out_tongue:


And then Caira starts healing them back up as they start pillar humping and you get caught in Stasis and Torvald drops a salvo on you.