That Moment During The Hunt


Has anyone else experienced this?

That tranquil, fleeting moment during the hunt. You know the general location of the monster and you want to help the trapper locate your quarry. You climb to the top of a cliff and as you plant your feet on the top of the rocky edifice, you hear . . . nothing, no jetpacks, no guns, just the wildlife of shear calling gracefully alerting their own kind that some unknown predator is approaching their den.

It never lasts long, but that’s the beauty of it. Before long the Tranquil silence is broken by the call of a flock of scavengers and the chase is on again, jet packs roar, and characters pick up their pre battle banter.

But in that one moment you were one with nature, and it’s very surreal

Has anybody else been in a similar situation


Mmhmm, feels amazing.
Then I step in a plant and nature ruins nature for me -.-


Yeah or you realize the bottom of that cliff is the only place on all of shear where 5 sloths are hanging out.


None of that for me.

Because when none of my teammates are speaking for once, someone else is talking to me irl.


That’s what’s makes it so rare, nobody ever shuts up. Even if they do someone is shooting their gun or being attacked by wildlife.


blaze one on it

i know this moment aswell when everything gets silent and super intense also possible with teammates

had this on fusionplant several times and these are awesome momemts - you truly realize that you are on an alien planet
music needs to be off for this

have you ever played fusion plant by day? :smiley:

this is also amazing! the game has such a diffrent feeling it feels like a club which is closed because all scary creatures seem to be only come out at night