That little scream you make inside when


Alright, so, I think we’ve all had moments in a game when we screamed in terror (inside or out) at something someone on the team did.

I have two that I’ll share for amusement.

I was playing Behemoth and thrashing someone in a gully, I’d managed to sneak attack them and I thought all was well. Then T.S. Hank unleashed that horrifically painful orbital drill into my skull. I thought, “Oh, that’s fine, I’ll just hit this guy a few more times to get a down tic–what the bloody hell is this damage!?” As I realized that it was chunking into my armor at incredible speed. I did my best impersonation of what I might imagine a bloated, fat goblin scurrying across the rocks to escape the drill, and had a deep respect from T.S. Hank’s drill from then on.

Second, I was, oddly enough, playing normal Hank. Less longer than the last story–I walked out in front of a Megamouth and hadn’t noticed the big, rock shaped horror story until it was attempting to gorge itself on my Gandalf-esque beard. I was released when my companion blasted it. “Thank you!” I’d shouted, up until the monster immediately sneak attacked me from the bush it was hiding in, right next to the occasion. I’m pretty sure I heard it laughing.

How about you guys?

  1. When I was playing with @IanBreaker and @10shredder00 the monster killed support and medic, and trapper was down and then the monster sneaked pounced assault and the trapper was able to kill the monster with his pistol

  2. In the Overwatch open beta I tried out Reinhartd for the first time and there were 6 Bastions and my goodness was I happy I had a shield

  1. Whenever I see Sunny or Slim (Mainly Sunny)

  2. Whenever I pull off a clutch win


Since behemoth is my main monster I can honestly say, it is a very dumb thing to not respect tech hanks orbital laser. I don’t even mean this as insult to anyone. It is one of the hunter tools that makes me cringe as a behemoth. Torvalds mortars, cabots rail cannon, lennox’s plasma lance, slim’s leechgun, both versions of hank’s orbital. These are all things a behemoth needs to have a deep respect for.

Edit. As for the topic I have a few I could put out but here one good one bad ending.

So we were fighting a goliath and the match was coming down to the wire. Medic was dead, he made sure our medic was not an issue for the majority of the match. Support had finally been taken down after doing an amazing job keeping myself and the assault from taking hardcore damage, he had rightfully earned the monsters scorn. I was griffin and he decided to take me down first tho both the assault and I had very low health. Surely he had a rock to throw but instead he decides to pounce the assault since a couple shots from the damage dealer would be enough to finish him. He got one or two smacks in but luckily the defense matrix returned and the assault was able to stay alive long enough for my pistol to finish off the monster. Dont think a game could be closer than that since I’m sure one more tick would have claimed victory for the monster.

next was a match on overpowered, I was using gorgon and I finally managed to get the emet and sunny down. I didn’t have much health left but I had just enough energy to evolve so I ran off a bit and killed a strider for a tiny bit or armor. I had dropped a spider trap to buy myself that little extra time and started evolving but I had underestimated the trapper it would seem. Crow came flying in with three blue perks and two reds, sniped me thru my insignificant armor just as the circle filled up and finished me off. It was so close that I had even finished growling and the roaring sound effect spread throughout the map.


when I see Hank and Slim… :neutral_face::no_mouth::sob: I know it’s gonna be a tough game.


I posted this on another thread, but I’ll tell my story here (the salt is still real).

I’ll tell you the most BS game I had.

Scene. Cataclysm (you know this gon be bad).
Two hunters left, medic and assault (me). Stage 3 Gorgon with half a bar left.

Frantic last minutes of combat – the dome has gone down, it is all or nothing. The Gorgon has no armor left. She swiftly downs the medic right in front me as I empty my clip. Gorgon has literally 1% health left. She jumps me, but the incapped medic is shooting at the 1% bar. Extremely close fight but it looks like the downed medic is going to save the match. Gg.



I don’t remember if I emitted a physical sound, but I was for sure internally screaming. Almost popped a blood vessel too.

FeelsBadMan t(•£•)t


When Lazarus revives you instead of using the Device. :sob: