That Feeling When Your PUG Team Manages to End a Long Streak Monster


“I love it when a plan comes together”

Team comp was:
Emet - ME! :slight_smile:

Monster was Elite Goliath… this guy was REALLY good but the Trapper and Bucket in particular were great. I did my part of course.

One of the keys to the game was that the Monster somehow didn’t see me at all during the first Dome. And you know Emet can make a Monster pay for ignoring him. Considering how good he was I felt extremely lucky!

But I guess half of everything is luck. :slight_smile:

Oh and I only got 1,400 damage using Replay Cannon… but I got the last shot in that killed the Monster. :stuck_out_tongue:

It just really came together.


Just out of curiosity, how long was his streak?


11 win streak…but he had one of those fancy banner things so I knew he’d won more than that before… and he was clearly comfortable using Goliath… I also faced him before but not as Medic… I think I was Parnell or something… and of course I screwed up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fancy banner thing? You mean a high character level?


Yeah the black one with gold claw marks and I think there was an animated aura around it?
Really scary…

Yeah 11 doesn’t sound like a high number… but on the PUG team two of us were coming off losses and the other two had 4 win streaks.


It’s rare, but I love when this happens for me. The feeling I get afterward is one of the reasons I continue playing. A few days ago I ended a Goliath player’s streak after losing to him earlier in the day. I end up receiving a friend request from the pug’s support player :slight_smile:


hmm just thinking… why is this under ‘‘gameplay’’ ? not the right category. also… ok ? why would u tell us it ? lol.


That’s such a bad team comp too… I’m impressed.


Well considering a core part of Evolve’s gameplay centers around Pre-Made Team playing experience as compared to Public Game Team playing experience I thought it would be nice to share some of the good experiences and not just the negative ones that crop up.


Yeah… which I think takes me back to something I mentioned before… that if something is considered “bad” you would rarely encounter it. So did that play a factor in the guy sort of tripping up on his own strategy book? Maybe.

The first Dome the Monster managed to down Bucket in the first Dome I think - which is textbook. But then the Trapper and Assault tore down his armor and the dome came down. He then immediately ran away - again, textbook. Crucially leaving me unscathed.

Eventually I ate a down as well because the Monster was very good at positioning himself for the Domes in one of the Caves, creating wedge shaped dead-ends. So it was roughly even about 2 or 3 Domes into the match.

The Trapper, I have to say was exceptionally good between Domes. We never lost track of the Monster although Planet Scanner would usually show the Monster was very quick in travelling. Waypoints marked with “q” frequently ended up being inaccurate. But the Trapper was usually on top of things.

He was definitely flying solo though. It was up to us to keep track of the Trapper and follow him. No chat no nothing.

There was one particular Dome where there was a nice medium height plateau. This is the Dome where the match tipped over as we really went to work. I think the amount of damage the team was doing was high enough so that the Monster kept switching between looking for me, or Bucket, or having to defend himself. This Dome was the one that cost the Monster the match. There was just too much sustained harassment and I definitely played a role in keeping up that harassment.

It was the “Whac-A-Mole” gameplan… except we didn’t even talk about setting that one up. :slight_smile:

This is one of the few ways I find an experienced Monster player can be beaten. And what was remarkable was we didn’t talk to each other at all. The gameplay came onto its own.

I find this remarkable because too many times against similarly leveled Monster players, the team can get pummeled too quickly. The streaks mean little. In PUG universe a Monster on a 3 win streak is probably very dangerous, so someone on 11 is Boss Level in PUG land.

I ended up with something like 14,300+ healing score and 1,400+ Replay Cannon damage.


I actually faced @GentlemanSquirl with a pug. Maybe they were grouped up, but most of us were typing, so I don’t think so. It was a really great, drawn-out game with plenty of action. They were surprisingly good for just randomly joining each other, and we ended up winning, which I was pretty surprised by. He was Meaty, I was Crow, and I think we had Hank, Caira, and Lennox.


Yeah… It makes me think about how Evolve Hunter teams can sometimes work the way some sports teams can work once on the field. You don’t exactly wear headsets when playing Football or Basketball. You just kind of figure you have to play your position and others play their position and you have to “work the openings”.

It’s like when Basketball players do no-look passes that connect, that’s not always rehearsed. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s probably the biggest buzz I get playing Evolve. :slight_smile:

On the Basketball analogy… I do feel a bit concerned that you cannot exactly “design a feature that allows people to do no look passes”. The kind of placement knowledge that the game can allow for players to perform at this level with minimal communication has to be learned. But I wonder if Evolve can sometimes be criticized for things it isn’t supposed to provide.