That doesn't sound like behemoth


OK, so me and @Plaff as well as @LosSalvatierras were talking and I brought up how in the savage Goliath trailer, the behemoth growl teaser sounds nothing like him. The sound, sounds a bit feline :stuck_out_tongue: .

Go to the 1:07 mark and listen. It sounds nothing like him. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


I dunno, it kinda sounds like that low, guttural growl he makes in his first trailer

Around the 0:52 second mark


Maybe I need my ears checked because I just don’t hear it. Sounds nothing like the one in that trailer to me
Edit: I should say we do, they agreed with me.


I mean, I know it’s not the exact same, but it’s sort of the same? Maybe the sound in your video isn’t even supposed to be from Behemoth? I dunno. It doesn’t sound out of place to me. :open_mouth:


That’s what I was thinking, maybe it wasn’t behemoth.