That awkward moment when the dropship leaves you in the sky


Have any of you spent an entire match with your teamates laughing at you as you sprint around in the air? I have,like 5 times, and it really rustled my jimmies.


I believe if you double tap to jetpack you can fall down so you don’t get stuck up there. Not sure though if it works all the time


If this happens again try pressing ‘Take a Break’ and then take over the bot again. This worked when it happened to me.


@MidnightRoses @Shin @Quirkly quick we need the Gif!!!


That’s for Rose to put forward, not me. ^.-


This is my favorite bug when I get the controllable variant. Usually you can “toggle” it with jetpack bursts and have on-demand no-grav hax. It’s fun till I catch a rock or vortex while I’m floating, and get sent flying uncontrollably 500m or more away.

Sometimes though I just get stuck in the sky and just get killed right out of the gate. That’s no good.


This one?


I had one of these just the other day but the bad kind, not the funny kind. Map was distillery and I was Sunny. She leapt from the ship and just hung there in the air. It was really lame. I immediately tried the Take a Break feature and it didn’t help. Very frustrating.

Here’s the clip of that happening to me: