Thanks Turtle Rock


I wasn’t expecting to be able to play Behemoth til tomorrow after my first day of school. Because you guys released it today, i was able to play while my kid watched. He’s only 2 and Evolve has been his favorite game since big alpha. Behemoth is his favorite monster so we really appreciate the extra time to get to play him. As my kid says. Boom! Rooll! Raaawr!


Yup. Just when I think I couldn’t love this game anymore, they drop Tier 4!


A 2 y.o kid should be scared the hell of him seeing the monsters :flushed:

He gonna have some nightmares !!

This game is not realy appropriate at his age in my opinion :sweat_smile:


I love how they released them earlier. I was getting excited to get home and waste the day for tomorrow only to find them release today.

It was heart-warming.


He’d only be scared of it if i told him to be. The monsters are not much different than pictures of lions to him, and he’s never ever had much fear of anything.
He’s loved monsters and dragons and giant robots for a while. He just especially loves the Evolve monsters.


Oh I see! Good boy you have :grin: