Thanks TRS for wraith :)


I just want to send a shoutout to TRS

I am in love with wraith ( I disagree about her being OP, beat a few of them today). She fit my play style perfectly, stealth… Assassin Ect. Not to mention how pleasing it is to kidnap a hunter, Ohh I just love her trickery!

Sorry kraken you re no longer my fav. :0


Boring monster to play against, too much running not enough fighting.
Most wraiths still use decoy and just try and hide inside the dome, making the games really really boring.


idk i still find it reallly freaking hard to track her even with competent hunters the wraith has a ton of mobility, her dmg numbers are much better then what they used to be, the only problem is i think shes too hard to track


You need to cut her off more so than others and not engage until trapped or almost dead due to it giving her back stamina faster allowing her to run away. I was able to with a fairly coordinated team beat wraith at stage 2 by just pumping her full of damage (abe was trapper so once she was found it was hard to lose her).


I played one game against wraith yesterday, And I think she is fine now. As she can’t blink while in decoy - she can’t go too far like before. We’ve lost only because of lack of skill (our assault die from this electric raptors, idk how. Also didn’t use mines etc), but it’s only for now.


Wraith is a lot easier and now because warp ends her decoy invisibility its alot easier to dome if she decoys you have basically a guaranteed dome and she can’t get to the other side of the dome while staying invis she’s still hard in the right hands just like kraken and goliath are hard in the right hands. I enjoy playing against her now because if I get a good dome at stage 1 or 2 we can get her down to like 2 bars of health.


oh lord please. Issue with wraith is not doming her, its the issue of using decoy inside the dome and hiding. That makes her really anti-fun to play against.

Even after the nerf to the CD and the dash while decoyed, the problem is the whole Decoy skill.


I don’t even see the problem with hiding inside the dome

Most time when the trapper throw the dome he miss me anyway :smiley:


As someone who mostly plays wraith, I love the changes made to her. At first I was worried that taking away the ability to warp while invisible would destroy her, but after a handful of games yesterday I honestly think that she is pretty perfect now.

I already played her a lot during the beta, and you could just stay in a fight and shred everything around you without worrying too much. But now you HAVE to use the hit and run playstyle, which she was designed to depend on. I had some awesome games yesterday in which I would evolve to stage 2, get my armor up and then I would turn the game by starting to hunt the hunters. Dart into battle, try to deal 1 - 2 strikes, dart out of battle. Set up traps near Tyrone or Megamouths/Plants, abduct like crazy… It’s wonderful.

Thanks TRS!


It’s funny how the most comments on “wraith is ok” come from people who play it themselves oO
Wraith is antifun to play against, because a skilled wraith will be able to always pick a time and place for fighting (on her terms ofc). Hunters basically have to sit and wait for her engages. Challenge only exists if there is room for counterplay. I don’t really see counterplay to someone who easily stays hidden until it wants to fight then kills a hunter within 2-3 seconds and then vanishes without a trace, leaving a decoy behind that is able kill a second hunter if he/she is out of fuel.

Yeah i have seen a lot of those “you have got to flush her out” comments. You guys play in 4-man premade groups, right?
And yeah i have beaten wraiths, too. Those were hardly a challenge or satisfying though, because those players were noticable new to her or just playing badly.

But ofc there is just the option that i don’t play properly against her… If you have any tips besides “just flush her out” (which is the way i usually try to play against any monster) please bring them on! Seriously!


The thing is, as a trapper you don’t want specific terrains for dome for each monsters, for Wraith, you’ll want to dome her in a place with few hiding spots.
And remember, you have 4 people to look around.


A skilled wraith is able to do so, yes. As skilled hunters are able to deny her choosing the fighting place.

I think I had 6 or 7 games as wraith yesterday, and in some of them the hunters did not know how to counter my moves at all. But others were countering me very well and it was very hard for me to get them off my tracks.

It is hard to give you advice, since you never know which monster you are fighting against when choosing your characters. But I can tell you some things that are really annyoing as a wraith:

Cabot in general (he counters everything about her except her dmg output),
Buckets drone and turrets
Abes tracking darts and his freaking slow
Vals tranq-shots
Cairas massive heals and her fire grenades,
Markovs mines
and hydes flamethrower (makes your invisible form burn while decoying and therefore visible)

When you encountered a wraith and she popped her decoy, don’t immediately leave the area when you don’t know where she is! Stick together, look behind rocks, buildings and everywhere, but also let someone have an eye on the surroundings. Don’t shoot her when she runs away from you, that’s a big mistake as it will recharge her traversal much faster! Also, when she pops supernova, leave the dome. Cover teammates that are getting abducted into it with heal/shields and shoot her.

This is just what I can come up with really quickly (I’m at work right now), but I hope it helps you a bit.


That’s the joy of the hunt. You have to look for your enemy and stay alert.


Counter to the wraith hiding in the dome, cabots dust tag.

Counter to wraith’s decoy, Hydes flamethrower.

Optional: Val to tranq the wraith so cabot has extended time to fire at it.

Those are the two hunters that are essential to counter wraith. Then it’s all about how you use them and how the wraith reacts.


I’m almost positive that Turtle Rock/2K will have to patch Wraith again, though. From what I’ve noticed, players who aren’t even skilled are still capable of destroying a team of skilled Hunters so long as they’re the Wraith. I’ve played someone who started as a Goliath, got beaten at Stage 2 with full armor, was beaten the next game as a Stage 3 Goliath, and then they switched to Wraith. We could not kill her. There’s one attack that I would like to see given more of a cool down, where the monster basically has a seizure while swinging it’s scythes around, knocking you back and giving you no chance to escape whatsoever. My health is usually drained in two or three hits from that attack if the Wraith is at least Stage 2.

As stated above, I’m glad you’re having fun, but try playing against the Wraith a few times. I have beaten players using her three or more times (even caused one to rage quit), but the odds are typically against us, and we (being a team of 4 skilled players) rarely lose games like this to any other monster. It’s almost as if getting into a game with a Wraith is an automatic loss.


This statement totally killed your argument.

  1. It doesn’t cause knock back
  2. As we all know the Supernova has infinite Range and while the wraith still being able to move at high speed while attacking there is no way of escaping. Wait. Sorry I was talking shit :smiley:
    The supernova causes a bubble in that bubble Wraith goes Rage Mode. Leave the bubble and you are fine.
  3. And the supernova takes some time to kill you if you have a some what decent support or medic on your team.


It didn’t kill his argument. Many have expressed how Supernova is probably too strong, and more importantly, not even in character for the Wraith when compared to its description and other skills.


My main complaint is the decoy is still a bit strong. It denies the hunters any chance to set up a defensive area with mines and bucket turrets. Wraith can just sling in a decoy to trigger the defensive zone and now it’s clear to attack.

There is also a very big issue with the monster being extremely hard to track. Due to the cloak and teleport combo Wraith can clear a large distance without the hunters being able to find a track. The group I run with alot is pretty competent tracking monsters; we’ve been told dozens of times it’s nigh impossible to escape. But we tend to just let wraith hit stage 3 and go for the kill at the end game. Much easier to handle her when she has to attack us. It’s not worth the time chasing her 85% of the time unless the player is clearly incompetent.


I play wraith.

Wraith needs more toning down.

lower traversal distance… some sort of short traversal delay… complete removal of the invisibility mechanic… removal of decoys damage… Any one of these things would bring her down to tolerable levels.

Plz TRS, do something. I don’t want to feel like a scumbag for playing my favorite monster!


Honestly peoples are just trying to ruin wraith…

I got a total of 6 matches played against wraith ( yes I keep count so I can see how many I win/loss since she so OP sarcasm)

Win-5… Loss-1. Keep in mind I do not run with a premade party so this all PUG.

Literally peoples get used to tracking kraken or Goliath and compare that to wraith. Which in term you shouldn’t really be using the same tactic you do against a kraken or Goliath against a wraith. If TRS give in to all these none sense posts and nerf wraith more I’ll be done. I mean come on

Lowest HP/armor but fastest movement … Seems fair to me

She can just decoy and hide the whole match?.. Get better at tracking and cutting her off

Supernova to powerful?.. Get the hell out of the bubble, tactical retreating peoples

Morale of the post: learn to adapt