Thanks TR!


Over the last few years, there have been many over-hyped, glitchy, and basically lying games that have dashed what small amount of faith that I had in the gaming industry. And when I originally saw Evolve I thought it was going to be very similar, but the more I looked into it I saw that it was an obviously well thought out and very well balanced. When I came to the forums I also saw that the developers actually payed attention to the community to an extent that I’ve never seen before! So I just want to thank TR studios for being generally awesome and I hope that this game lasts for years to come!


I’ve seen some glitches on the press release hopefully this 3gb patch fixes them but I expect the game won’t be nigh unplayable


Well, when I played the Beta there were no game breaking bugs. And I never saw the servers crash for hours on end. The only thing people complain about is the DLC, and most of them are either un-informed or just hear “DLC” and go ape-shit.


Wait didn’t evolve get delayed or am I just confused from sleep deprivation due to hype, but still if it did that was a smart move because there are too many games lately that are buggy and well kinda rushed to make the Christmas sales but TR have made a game I am genuinely excited for in a long time and since the beta killed my sleep cycle I can only speculate that I’ll probably end up dead or comatose within the week from sleep deprivation from this amazing game :smiley:


Yes, Evolve was originally slated for a fall 2014 release, but was pushed back to its current release date. But I can handle it, considering its current polished form.


Press release was an old build.


What about the early PS4 copies?


Yay I’m not completely out of my mind yet but yeah the whole major delay was probably the smartest thing I’ve seen a dev do in a while to make a game that I may be going over the top her but to have a perfect release


Good qeustion. Are they even press copies? Most people got them from their store. But i haven’t seen a glitch in the livestream yet.


I can’t imagine that if they had released it earlier that it wouldn’t have some serious bugs.


Nah they are actual copies, sometimes places make a mistake during shipping and send out things earlier than they should have, so it’s just people who got lucky is all.


I’m sorry I think I’m dumb but can you reiterate that one for me please as I have no idea what you meant.


I look back at that and realize how much of a mess that sentence was. What I meant was if they had released it back then it would have most likely been a mess.


Ahh thanks for that just wondering as my brain hasn’t been at max functionality for a while but yeah it most likely would have had a few problems that the alpha and beta helped iron out,


I saw a game where all but the streamers were stuck in their idle animations or frozen for 5 minutes before everyone got kicked


Ooh, yikes. Any reasons behind it or just bugs?


Haven’t a clue but it didn’t fill me with hope. I feel like they should have had an open beta on PS4 as well to test everything but maybe that’s just envy


I may be being stupid again, but didn’t TRS say they were having some problems with some stuff on PS4, or am I just hallucinating when I thought I saw that.


I’m on Xbox, so I wouldn’t know. I sure hope not though.


I’m on Xbox as well but I thought I read it somewhere maybe that .gif thread