Thanks for this game :)



Well just want to thank u for this awesome game, i was stressed cause i work a lot and after come home so tired, i didn’t find any game that make me break the routine, well this game made it, i try play all days and this game community (Gm, adm in forums, players, etc) are great, just posted 3 or 4 days ago, “Wraith too much op, pls nerf” and they answer me, so i feel moderators really hear what players need, that’s is a really weird thing to see this days, and thnks for that

Thnks for give us an awesome game,
Thnks for make me brake the routine,
Thnks for ur good job,
pls try to continue like this,
Thank u all very much Turtle Rock community :slight_smile:


Thank YOU for taking the time to join us. :slight_smile:


You are an awesome guy Mr. Heinz Ketchup!!! We’re glad to have you in our community. :slight_smile:


The beauty of this community is that we all enjoy one thing: Evolve.

No matter how much people hate wraith, if they stay they enjoy Evolve. The ones who tossed the game down because of 1 problem don’t stick around to witness this great community, and aren’t detrimental to it.

Goes to show that TRS is the shining star in the Game Dev industry, and they care about everything. Even players, whereas CoD is on its what 14th game?

Anyways rant/over. Thank you for staying and being one to improve this community :wink: :blue_heart: :emetoh:


yeah thats one truly great thing about them. Is the amount of dedication and time they give to their fellow gamers.