Thanks for the Kraken Buff


Kraken is my favorite monster and he just got better. After the patch aftershock is a useable ability.

They got rid of that massive slow down during the charge up so you can move at normal speed while charging. It was alright before but everything else was better because when charging the hunters would just run away. Before I only used aftershock for the mastery and my strategy was to burst over the top of them, charge and dive bomb the hunters under me. Now I can use it like any other attack.

My new stage three build will be there in lightning strike, two in banshie mines, one in vortex and three in aftershock. Before I wouldn’t use aftershock at all.

You can also move fast while charging lightning strike. I never felt slow while using lightning strike, but now I can avoid even more hunter attacks.

Cliffs- You can move at normal speed while using charge up attacks.


I was wondering why i had to cloak the team so many times after multiple incaps…


Pretty sure this is a bug, @macman can shine a spotlight. Kracken was already ok.


You are probably right. Before kraken was good, now he is amazing.


Kracken was OP before, he’s still OP now. Nerfs please :’(


2 in Vortex 1 mines, then 3 in Aftershock, into 3 in Lightning Strike. Sooo good.


Its actually true K is op it doesnt take much effort to blender a team at stage 1…not to mention ridicouluos damage