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I love playing the monster! Well I’m sorry i ment “loved” because now everything turned to crap with the new T4 hunters.

Crow ruined the most for me, not being able to hide at all once found is just downright depressing. there is no bush hidding or on top of building etc. just "omg look greendude throw the wall!!!

You could say : “wahh dont get found noob!”

Yeah well RNG birds that come everytime to feed kinda puts a stop to that. Yes i might get lucky and avoid being found the first time the birds piss on me but its usual short lived before the next pair of birds is ready to pee on me once again.

I was gonna write a long post with alot of whine about the rest that is broken too, but screw that… just like the game… i cant take it anymore… screw it!

It was fun before the DLC came out and everything but now it is just broken! I bet it will take atleast 5-8 weeks before anything is done about it.

So byebye game :pensive: and to the rest of you. best of luck.

Edit: Im not sad that I spend money on it, including the DLC but i was hoping for more to be honest.


Never had any issue with the tier 4 besides Torvalds mortars being a bit too spammy for their damage.

Regardless, if you have an issue with playing against Crow, why are you not having an issue against playing with Abe? Their method of tracking is pretty much the same(Once they find you it’s hard to shake them off.)

And if you have an issue with carrion birds try eating and feeding in caves. They don’t spawn in them, and always try to go for big meats as well since they proc on X wildlife killed rather then amount of meat consumed.


Make sure to make sudden turns against Crow, Gobi has uber tunnel vision and will lose track of you if you move to the right or left, like, at all


I find it amazing how every t4 hunter gets complained about by different people


Its the same as monsters, everyone has beef with something


I get your frustration, but damn, chill out man.


The same as if Daisy was following you, or if Abe tagged you. The key is to wait until you’ve been found and the silhouette has gone and then change direction and get behind a LoS blocking rock (the tall kind that are orange on the minimap). There’s only so much Gobi can see on a run, and there’s no reason for a Crow player to throw gobi out in a different direction than the one you were heading.

You wouldn’t try to hide if Abe tagged you, don’t try to hide immediately after escaping Crow.


Why was this flagged?


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I can’t. What did he say?


Something along the lines of “TRS you suck, you can suck my balls” it was just something really ranty and inappropriate


Don’t see anything wrong with this post!!??


Ya know, I never thought of it before… but I suppose Gobi’s uber-detection can really take the ambush out of the equation…


Well, sad to see you go, good sir! I hope you’ll come back eventually!

Also, I got confused then because I thought @Rapterror posted this when I saw your avatar! :frowning:


He cursed out TRS and then changed his post when he was flagged.


Huh, wait, what happened?


He thought you were the op.


Yeah me too! I always think it’s @Rapterror when I see that avatar.


I really don’t understand how people think Tier 4 is op. Apparently Sunny was doing a bit too much damage, but that’s it. I really feel that the average Torvald user can only hit a Behemoth.
I really don’t feel Goliath(as an example) got any more problems vs them than anyone else.

IMO, I guess. I seem to be the only person feeling this way…


And Slim is doing too much damage, thats my main problem with T4, the fact a medic, MEDIC, is doing a ton of damage