Thanks for Evolve


The majority of my posts here have-been/will-be critical. Instead of having to couch them all with this same disclaimer, I figured I’d just say this here:

Thanks for Evolve.

Many, many times it has been a blast to play. It had to be, because I keep coming back despite the amount of frustration it causes at times.

As of this writing I’ve clocked close to 1,000 hours in the released game, not counting alpha/beta. I probably had 500 hours in the retail version. For comparison, I have maybe 60 hours and 40 hours in Alien Isolation and Shadows of Mordor respectively; money I consider well spent. It follows that Evolve, DLC and all, was money well spent. I totally got my money’s worth and then some. Many things went into the DLC shenanigans and at least one of them was that the Internet “felt like destroying something beautiful.” And that’s all I say about that.

Evolve successfully displaced my prior addiction: L4D2 versus. L4D2 lost all color the day I played Evolve Alpha. Maybe I’ll return to it someday, but I suspect when I do it’ll just make me want an Evolve match instead.

TRS if ever you have-lurked/will-lurk in a match where I lay out my full level of saltiness against your game (or worse you), remember this post instead. The salt was real (and sometimes legitimate), but so is the sentiment here. I don’t think Evolve could evoke such polarizing feelings from me if I didn’t love playing it so much.

Thanks for Evolve. Big Hugs TRS.

— toolbear


Never truer words have been uttered
I had a 3 week break and even with flaws all other multiplayers pale in comparison imo