Thanks for caring


I fell in love with Evolve during the beta. I stuck with it, brought some friends, and defended the hell out of it for the first 3 months. I continued to hold onto hope in months 3-6. In months 6-9, I grew resentful - hating how much potential went to waste with such a unique game essentially becoming one of those games you even toss back in the bargain bin.

2.0 promised a lot, and I was extremely skeptical. Going F2P was a very bold move - one I didn’t feel that you (nor your publisher) would do. It was essential to the games survival, as well as making sure you’re on your A game once the masses arrived for their free AAA game.

After this last patch, I see that you really are committed to reshaping Evolve into the game we always knew it should be. You fixed the revive issue I suffered in my 1st match back, apparently fixed the shader lag I suffered from (we’ll see, about to launch), and you even added a generous amount of keys for founders - which I had honestly wanted (I was disappointed with the amount of keys I received initially and the rate they could be earned).

You also made tweaks to move speed and a few monster health caps, which again, I felt were needed but never said aloud. I’m glad someone did and I’m glad that you listened!

That’s every issue I’ve seen since 2.0 solved in a week. Bra-freakin-vo. You guys have really 180’d this thing. Thanks for caring.


Thanks for letting us know, if you have any other issues don’t keep them quinto, hop on and speak your mind!