Thanks for Behemoth TRS <3


He is everything a good monster should be: Fun, Boss-worthy, and OP LIKE HE SHOULD BE.

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am playing him AND hunting him, he is a real blast.

Lets hope future monsters are this fun, and lets hope Goliath, Kraken, and ESPECIALLY Wraith can get some buffs to bring their Stage 3s to Behemoth’s level.

Let us all hope pubs don’t make too many Behemoth OP threads and have TRS ruin him like they did Wraith.


Behemoth is a joke and this is so easy to beat him.

Yes, he is fun, he must be the most fun monster in the game… but he really need a buff, i only lose to him if i play my worst hunters or have a bad team…



I’m serious. His armor could be a bit higher though, Torvald just MELTS though it it seems.


Man, Goliath, Kraken, and ESPECIALLY Wraith don’t need any buffs for sure.


Yes. And Cabot. Cabot’s rail needs more damage, as well.
BTW what platform are you playing it at ? PlayBox 9 ? Ystation 7 ? :sunglasses:


Torvald melts everything. It’s less a problem of Behemoth being harder to play effectively and more a problem of Torvald being blatantly overpowered.