Thank You TRS


This is the first game I have ever achieved the platinum trophy for on my PS4 or any console ever. That is how fun of a game you have made for me.

I hope this game sees a long life ahead of it because I do not want to stop playing.


the gme is dying man


I still find all sorts of people on the PSN. Hardly no wait times or anything.


only like around 100000 players all together really


long life for this game BEST TEAM PLAY on next gen !


That sounds good to me? I don’t really know how many players there are for other games so I got nothing to base that off of.

Either way this thread is to show my appreciation. Don’t be a Debby Downer.


millions on other games


Other games have fans that have been with the series for a long time.


i just dont get how codis still round




What BLK said.


As long as the TRS community lives, the game will live. I don’t care about Call of Duty fans running around in Evolve.


It is still a shame that on PC playbase is so small. Kinda cute that you can recognize ppl and ppl recognize you, but hardly many new players join community. Maybe that’s the feeling because I’m lvl40 already and just can’t see any newcomers but anyway.


I was wondering about this the other day. If someone gets the game later than everyone else and starts at level one how will they ever get matches going without grinding in solo play first?


Funny, I rarely come across the same people again.
Except for 2-3 people who are everywhere. 0_0


I would be so happy if i could actually play as a Monster.


I’d be happy if PC had more players then games that are almost 10 year’s old…


I have no problem playing on Xbox. I never run into the same players.


Well said. This is by far the best game I’ve played in a long time. Probably because I’m not a CoD fanboy. I see other games beside that crap.


Yeah same here - like 10 people maybe that I see often and the rest are different everyday. At one point I thought people were changing their names on a regular basis perhaps lol Game gets new people everyday and it seems to aline you with your level (more or less) so there could be 50 people on at lvl40 and 3,000 on between lvl1-15 and I’d probably never know.

Unless there is a way to tell of course, Not sure about that. I just play the game since I like it. Whether its ‘dying’ or not is irrelevant to me as long as multiplayer keeps working for the game lol

I paid $75 for this I think and gotten more hours of plan than the $45 assassins creed game I bought even if I played it 10 times over so play-time to money ratio is already a win even if the game dropped dead tomorrow.