Thank You TRS! :)


I could write a long-winded speech about how awesome TRS is but I won’t, as that does not befit the circumstance.

Quite simply TRS gave the Facebook Group, Evolve PS4, 20 Brand Spanking New Beta Codes so that my good members could try out this awesome game. I had politely asked via email & they in turn showed their kindness and generosity by supplying these codes to my group.

On a funny note, I received this email as I was getting out of my car in a shopping precinct. As I read the email I shouted, “Get In There!” The bystanders looked perplexed to say the least and I just said, “Beta Codes, 20 Bloody Beta Codes” and then got back into my car and drove home :slight_smile:

Quite simply TRS, “YOU ROCK!”

And to the lovely lady who emailed me, you know who you are, Thank You Lovely Lady :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Oh & rest assured, knowing that my members are very very happy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@DamJess If you could pass this on it’d be much appreciated, thanks.


thanks to the facebook group Evolve PS4 and to TRS for giving me a chance to play the beta :smile:


TRS, Thank you again for providing my members the opportunity to participate in the recent Beta Test.