Thank you TRS for destroying this game


At least remove the option of playing the monster.Make it an AI always and add a “I win” button or lower difficulty for really dumb or noob hunters.This way you wont have to patch every 3 months or so.Thank you for the support and taking us our money.This game wont even have a single player after 3 months.Dont even bother on twitch they play on console or in fixed lobbies.PC version is so hacked that first 5 monsters have 100000000000000000 wins and 1000000000000 loses.Thank you for the anti-hack measures too.PC gaming is not dying steam is bigger than ever.Yeah right!Bigger than ever and all multiplayer games are hacked.


It is fine to have opinions and discuss how you would like to see the game go, but this thread has nothing to discuss and accusing TRS of taking your money isn’t appreciated.

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