Thank you TRS for building this game


I feel like some guys are scared the game is not gonna make it big, DLC’s are going way to far, the game costs way to much. but i think there are way less topics that actually thank the developers for making this awesome game. we all are on this forum for different reasons, but we share 1 in common : because we find this game awesome, and are excited to play it. without the TRS team ( everyone included, not just the developers), we wouldn’t be able even to discuss about all these things.
so i made this thread to just thank you all for making this game possible, for bringing us all together on this awesome forum. thank you

to name i few a few , @GentlemanSquirl @MrStrategio @Matthew @DanYouhon @Chloe @snowkissed @Gertz @DamJess @MacMan , @SlabOMeat


Yeah, I agree with every word :sunny:


agreed. Thank you TRS!


Indeed, Thanks for making a wonderful game. A game that has stolen all my free time these past many weeks.


Thank you TRS for giving me the ability to play as bad ass monsters.


Even though this topic is not new, we certainly can say it wholeheartedly again:
Thank you TRS for believing in this unique game and yourself for all those years.


ye but i just wanted to thank them personally, becuase ive never loved a game so much after Ijji GunZ


Thank you TRS for making the best game ever.

Seriously I have never enjoyed a game this way.

There are good games, but this is a gem.


Yes, thanks, and good luck with the launch. I hope it will be smooth :smile:

Don’t forget to thank 2K as well, though. Despite the DLC and pricing and all that, they deserve thanks too for opening the wallet back when the game was little more than an idea.


True. Even though 2K pissed me off good you still gotta give them props for sheltering the idea.


I absolutely agree; everyone and anyone who helped make this game a reality is fantastic. This is the first game in a long time that I’ve been excited enough to set myself reminders several weeks in advance to remember to preload and play it on launch. (And yes, even though 2K has part of the blame in the controversy surrounding the game, it wouldn’t be where it is without their help.)
You guys are the best!


Aye it has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a pvp game this much. I’ve ranted and raved to my friends about it for months now and have managed to convince at least a few to pick it up when it goes live. This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work from everyone involved.

I’ve had the pleasure of even talking to a couple of the fine folks at TRS and they’ve been nothing but polite, friendly, super cool people. Really that more than anything else gave me immense confidence in the game. Just by talking to them you can tell how much they love what they’ve created and how hard they’ve worked on it. This is something they had a real passion for and it shows with how well made it is.

Thanks TRS for hours and hours of enjoyment, it really means a lot to me <3


Yes yes thank you guys this game has officially passed my longest time spent hyped for something since I was 5 (Disney World). If Turtle Rock studios was a woman I would put a ring on it.


As much shit as goes around here, I think we need more of these to balance it out!

Thanks, TRS! :grimacing:


Absolutely. I can say for a fact this game has the best multiplayer I’ve seen since Mass Effect 3. Its so much fun, and big thanks for taking the time to make this game the best it can be!!


Somebody needs to name their baby after Evolve somehow. I hate babies and destroy them on sight, so it obviously can’t be me. But some of you are breeders. Make a baby and name it… uhhh… SlabOMeat, or Bucket, or something. Maybe Crowbill Sloth.

Someone on here already got a big old Evolve tattoo, so really this shouldn’t be too big of a deal to pull off.

Went and told my girlfriend, name our next kid

If you really wanna thank them, just give them 75% of your monthly salary. Kappa.


[quote=“Essen, post:17, topic:30903”]
If you really wanna thank them, […][/quote]
[…] tell others how refreshingly new and how much fun Evolve is. Encourage people to buy the game and explain it to them. In the beginning, the game can be overwhelming, so help others over the first 15 minutes into hours of fun.


Seriously. Props to the folks at TRS for making something unusual, fun, and deeply tactical. Woo!


Indeed, thank you for making one of the first truly unique experiences in multiplayer in a LOOOOOONG time.