Thank You TRS <3

Are you hoping to get the patch out before the weekend event?

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except they havent even revealed the next hunters nor have we been giving a behemoth release date

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We pushed really, really hard for it, but it’s not going to be fully tested in time (and we don’t want to release it without fully testing since we could introduce more bugs than we fix!) If testing goes well, it could be released before the following weekend. I’ll try to keep everyone updated.


Thank you very much for posting exactly my toughts and as I can see below, they do not even keep the promised patch frequence. I read the post from TRS, where they told us that the PC patch is coming this week.

But as it seems, the Microsoft money is real and I am still disappointed, as posts with negative critique are getting deleted…TRS, it is hilarious what you are delivering right now and I do kindly ask you to give me the possiblity for a refund. I do still have 3 A4 Pages from 2k where I am discussing the problem of the whole deleted progress of mine (Played over 100 hours in the first week, during my days off…)

And to the rest of you happy little people…Maybe you are not affected by any bugs so far, but me and my friends do all have at least the Steamoverlay problem and some of us lost all their progress and therefore we get some skins for making it up to us? Nice try, giving the intern a little bit of work, to make the crowd shut up…Please take note that a lot of your customers are not little children and are not blinded by this kind of redemption.

Yes I am really pissed, because threads where I place criticism get deleted, 2k customer support is absolutely bad and I am not getting a refund at least for the software which costed me over 100 hour of game time and lost the whole progress!

i hate to hear that man but i think the gaming gods have blessed me to not lose my progress im just mad because i payed 15 dollars for the hunting season pass and i still dont know if that was a good purchase or not because i cant even see what i payed for please tell me we are close to seeing them @MacMan

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We are close to seeing them. I think you will be pleased!


thank you so much for working as hard as you did. you were clearly stressed about it on the balance stream. i hope you can get a well deserved break after this.


Nice and does solo play count towards the gold skins if I’m logged onto my2k?

If I may boldly suggest, good sir, perhaps create a downloadable Test Server accessible to both players and the devs. This way we’ll have more individuals testing the updates and finding bugs before hard releasing into the live servers.

A good example of a game that has adopted this system is Marvel Heroes. They have a test server that’s accessible to all players, but only when the devs need public testing (they bring it down when the patch has been released). It helps gather feedback and analytical data from a larger population and thereby produce faster results than the dev team can muster solely by themselves. Just my two cents ;D

Love this game, looking forward to the upcoming patch and DLCs!!!


@Gutsisangry thanks you for this positive thread!

Nice to hear from others that are enjoying this game as much as me. Lots of negative gamers that I hope will slowly fade away from this community.


@MacMan do you need to play against the developers to get the skins and do you need multiple matches per day as well?

@skoss Looks like you just play, doesn’t need to be against a dev.

patch next week…

guys it takes way to long :confused:

Yea hopefuly the mean people leave us alone, so I can stay in my dreamy little world…Without negative feedback, nothing here will change my dear Sir.

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I am not talking about negative feedback, I had said negative gamers.

An example is complaining that the patch isn’t out yet… Dev tells them that we should see it next weekend yet they continue complaining that that is too long for them. I guess they would rather have a situation where the devs rush a patch only to mess things up even more? This isn’t feedback, this is impatience.


thank you @MacMan you guys just got into number 1 in my top five game companies (you took Bethesda’s spot) :slight_smile:


So as they promised the patch would come out this week, we are bad gamers if we complain because it takes an other week? I do not understand why they cant fix the same things as they did on the xbox and then go on to the other bugs which are pc specific? Explain that to me pls.

All platforms are not all the same BTW… Wait they said “we promise the patch will be out this week”? why cant we just give them a break from all the negativity and bombard them with positive feed back. It might make them work harder.

ya never know.


Lol for real though this is a positive post pls lets keep it that way.


The only way we can see if you play is if you play on-line, so solo mode doesn’t count.