Thank You TRS <3

I am not talking about negative feedback, I had said negative gamers.

An example is complaining that the patch isn’t out yet… Dev tells them that we should see it next weekend yet they continue complaining that that is too long for them. I guess they would rather have a situation where the devs rush a patch only to mess things up even more? This isn’t feedback, this is impatience.


thank you @MacMan you guys just got into number 1 in my top five game companies (you took Bethesda’s spot) :slight_smile:


So as they promised the patch would come out this week, we are bad gamers if we complain because it takes an other week? I do not understand why they cant fix the same things as they did on the xbox and then go on to the other bugs which are pc specific? Explain that to me pls.

All platforms are not all the same BTW… Wait they said “we promise the patch will be out this week”? why cant we just give them a break from all the negativity and bombard them with positive feed back. It might make them work harder.

ya never know.


Lol for real though this is a positive post pls lets keep it that way.


The only way we can see if you play is if you play on-line, so solo mode doesn’t count.


Yeah, we want to do something like this. Going to take some time to set up but we’d really like to be able to test balance updates and new characters with a wider audience before full release.


I can understand that not knowing the specifics of a release date can be frustrating, (before Heists in GTA V were officially given a release date I spent a LOT of time being impatient) at the end of the day we have to release that stuff like this takes work. I want to play as the next tier of characters as much as you do, but we do prefer quality over quantity right?

Adding new characters isn’t a simple drag and drop process. They need to be tested so they do not negatively effect the balance of the game. While it is sometimes easy to feel a lack of communication, try to understand that at these folks are constantly working on delivering high quality content.

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Agreed. We are working to revise the process so we can be quicker next time.


I can’t wait to see what they’ll play like! I’m especially interested in the trapper :smiley:


I see Evolve has a big presence at PAX. Is their a chance we will see anything new?

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Meh, I can wait for the patch, I’d prefer the patch to be actually worth it & not have more bugs added to the game, take your time, don’t exhaust yourselves, people that are harping on the release not being sooner obviously have no clue & would be the first to complain if the patch was rushed out with bugs before being thoroughly tested. You’re doing a good job & many of us love the game. Keep ya chin up guys! I hope the sourness of some doesn’t have a negative result on your team.


I still think the devs should have an exclusive skin to play with for all their hard work. But until they make one, the Platinum skin


I’ll ask again, when is the balance, NOT the PC bug patch, coming out?

A month of a broken monster is nothing to be proud of.

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Ermm i think you are talking about the same patch.

Im screwed my 2k account keeps saying i have an invalid email address when i don’t…guess im gonna miss out :,(

this will be the last time for a large portion of the player base, unfortunately.

They’re fixing shit as we speak, they’re addressing a lot of bugs, they’ve already released a patch for the lost progress. The next patch is obviously in the works & being tested now… you’d be one of the first to complain if the patch came out & created more bugs.

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1.5 going on 2 months is not a good time frame for fixing blatant problems like wraith. Don’t make more assumptions than what I’m saying.