Thank You TRS <3

I just read about Turtle Rock giving out gold monster skins this weekend. I really wanted to thank them for creating Evolve and doing something like this. It really shows how much love they have for us.

I have been playing this game non stop since launch and I’ve loved every single second of it. I was never into the competitive scene until this came along. I can’t number how many times I watched others play, to try and learn their tactics while trying to form my own strategy. I always find myself extremely excited whenever I go up against a great Hunter team or a Monster, it challenges me to give it my all. Even if I lose, it is STILL fun knowing that I had the pleasure of going against great players.

Words cannot describe the rush that this game gives you. It brings my childhood fantasy of monsters to life, despite what others may think/say, I think this is one of the most balanced games I’ve ever played. So to Turtle Rock, I gotta say the team did an amazing job and the fact that we’ve barely scratched the surface of the game makes me even more excited to see what’s in store for us in the future. I’m drooling over Behemoth enough as it is, the idea that we’ll see more content is FANTASTIC.

Also, gotta give some love to you to community! I’ve played some great online games with some incredibly nice and funny people. I can’t wait to play against you guys this weekend! Bring your A game!!!

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Absolutely, giving us skins that were never supposed to be available is an amazing thank you to the people that have stuck with the game.


Awesome I can’t wait!


I can wait, I have quite a bit of patience. But yes, I understand where you’re coming from.

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I gotta start practicing for this weekend!!! I seriously cannot wait for tomorrow!!! GET HYPED!!! :smiley:

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Just want to mirror the sentiment here! Thanks for the goodies TRS & 2K!


Just one of many reasons I love TRS and EVOLVE! TRS I SALUTE YOU :bucket_salute:


Lol a gold skin? Cant think of anything else that screams hey Hunters shoot me Im over here.

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I think the elite skins scream louder lol. Elite Goliath full amor lights up so dam bright but. Who doesnt like the handy cap lol

Rather not make it easier for them than it already is lol xD

I have to admit I was kind of pouty about the elite skins but then TRS was all liek "GOLD SKINSSSS’ And now I’m all like OH MY GAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TRS! SQUEEEE!


I see why some people dont like the elite skins but personally i completely love them. I think it has a greater meaning then the other ones. I feel like among my own kind I am elite, I am the strongest, the exotic buff. It’s also awesome to glow bright red at full armor when using Goliath. :smiley:

I honestly think the gold skins look ugly… but it’s still a totally awesome gift, thanks TRS!

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. ^.^

honestly i like my savage goliath skin the best. will only use gold skin and albino skin for shits n giggles every now and then.

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what skins and how we get this?

So we just need to play in general? Or do we have to play against Devs to get it?

I assume playing normally online @MacMan can maybe give us an answer?

Just gotta play this weekend. And I think you need a My2K account and be logged into that account when you play since that’s the technology that allows us to grant something to your account.