Thank You For Playing Movie


So, a few days ago, Thank You For Playing was released on Steam. Here is the “About this Video” section from the Steam page:

When one-year-old Joel is diagnosed with terminal cancer, his father Ryan begins working on THAT DRAGON, CANCER, an artful video game to honor Joel’s life. Thank You For Playing follows Ryan and his family over two years through the game’s creation, offering an intimate, revolutionary glimpse into how the fusion of art and technology - in this case, a video game - can document profound human experiences in the modern age. Thank You For Playing is an independent documentary film, produced and directed by filmmakers Malika Zouhali-Worrall and David Osit. The Green family along with the rest of the production team behind the video game That Dragon, Cancer did not produce the documentary, although they are very honored to be the subjects of the film.

I just spent the last hour and a half watching this and honestly it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t get past the first 10 minutes without crying… It’s a very sad film, but within that, it’s a very uplifting movie to remember the life of Joel. I found myself crying for basically the entire thing, but through my tears I definitely smiled more than I would’ve expected. This family turned such a horrible event into something that can give us hope and be thankful for all we have.


That sounds terrible. Being diagnosed with cancer before you even know what the hell cancer is? Jesus…

Sounds like a good bit of work and love was put into the film and for the child.

I won’t be watching it because simply I hate crying and something tells me I’d be doing it a lot. Too much Macho Man and stuff to go about a movie like that.

Best wishes for the family though, parents must have felt terrible too. Get the blessing of a child only to find out a year later it’s going to probably die before they do. Shitty scenario.

Oy… Imma leave before I get too mushy… I hate thinking about this type of stuff but still best wishes to the family.


I tried being macho tough guy during Marley and Me. Fuck, I was crying while I was driving home from the theater.


Exactly why I don’t do that stuff.

I do horror, funny and action.

Sad movies? I avoid that stuff like a person with heart problems avoids horror movies.


It was extremely emotional. It takes you through the development of the game, why they’re doing it, and a lot of the real life component on what they do to try to treat the cancer and how it affects them. Basically, an emotional roller coaster that doesn’t seem to end.


Yea I watched Pewds play/watch this he couldn’t do the whole thing since it was the developers regards. But I didn’t cry I just felt depressed after it. Pewds cried


I watched someone play through a good chunk of the game and didn’t really feel much. It was when I was alone, playing the game for myself, that I really felt connected to the story and was allowed my own thoughts.


Yea that makes sense