Thank you for bugs, crashes and bronze


You have the worst of all servers that are in the world.
One game, lost due to the fact that when we killed the monster, the game is written "the hunters came out. Monster has won."
Playing a second game was unnecessarily Hunters could not jump out of an airplane, he simply hung, eventually defeated.

Why for 70+ hours in quick games, this was not, as in the continuous ratings crashes and bugs?
This has thrown me in the bronze league, when I went to the silver.
Just disgusting, and for that you asked for $ 50.
I was your alpha tester and alpha, the game was more stable and better.


Hi there, if you’re playing Stage 2 keep in mind that this is in Beta phase. Bugs are expected and TRS is rolling out the second patch here soon.

If you can provide any additional information, that would help!


And the good news is that if you are of a better skill than bronze you’ll soon start moving up the ranks :slight_smile:


It is “good” feature when a monster high ping, it can run out of the shield.