Thank you for Bots!


I am so glad TRS put bots in to fill the empty slots.

My group of 3 could not care less about leaderboards at all. We like to just game with friends. And being able to create a private lobby of just people we know and actually have Bots that are pretty decent is wonderful.

Lets me know that months after launch, when lobbies are hard to find, we’ll still be able to play at full capacity.

So, thank you again for giving us the option!


Doubt lobbies will be hard to find. This game will have a dedicated player base.


I don’t. Probably finding lobbies for “hunt” will be easy down the road, but for the lesser played modes, maybe not.

I mean, I am a huge fan of Titanfall. It has a great dedicated player base. But if you want to find something other than Attrition to play, you are going to have a long wait, if you can find a lobby at all.

Plus, we rarely like playing with randoms. Between people with no mics, people with Kinect mics that sound like they are in a cave down the road, to people that scream or listen to loud music the whole match, etc… It’s nice being able to play with just people we know.


Eh I don’t like some of the bots. Val bots often don’t heal themselves and run at the monster with a sliver of health and get killed and on top of that barely heal you. hank bots drop the orbital barrage to engage and screw you over if your chasing the monster down.


I can agree with that. Hank dropping the bombs has caused issues since it blasts your character so far back, throwing off the flow of a good battle.
But I’d rather it be a minor annoyance, than not an option at all.


I know just something that bugs me he also doesnt sheild you as often as I would liek and tends to just stick with the lser cutter


@Bot needs to reply to this saying, “You’re Welcome!”


I can’t say “you’re welcome” on the behalf of TRS though. It is these wonderful people who made sure you guys could play and have fun with the rest of my bot family. :wink:


But you are Bot. Get it, he is thanking Bots?


Yes, as in more bots. He’s talking about mah brothers and sisters… Perhaps me. Ya never know when the bot in your game is me. In any case, @capp00, I’m glad you enjoy playing with bots. :smiley:


Ok, we need Bucket too.