Thank you Dev team


This does not get said enough, so here I am to say it and feel free to join me anyone else who feels the same. Thank you so much, everyone at Turtle Rock, and here on these forums. Thank you for the free skins with which we decorate our characters, thank you for the challenges that keep us driven. Thank you people who answer our questions and take the time to livestream for us. Thank you for such an inventive new hunter, who’s dialogue is some of the funniest I have ever heard.

Don’t get beaten down by the complainers, keep doing what you’re doing, we love you guys!


Wow, there’s a lot of these threads knocking about lately and I love it. There’s been a lot of love for trs since emet was revealed and for good reason too. They are the greatest developers ever. :smiley:


I know right!! I’m so happy!! :heart:


So much effort is put in to this, truthfully small’ game community. We should be celebrating that


I really appreciate how much the adaptations add to the game and how fast TRS is knocking them out!


Agreed. I’ve been playing a little less lately because the team seems to have picked up a Negative Nancy that just keeps complaining… Brings down the mood so much that last time we were in a Hunt queue, I actually look my mic off and put a pillow over the ear piece so I didn’t need to hear his voice… I’m loving seeing these kinds of topics pop up more.



#TRS IS AMAZING!!! :smile:



TRS is a one of a kind studios!!! Making one of a kind games!




Senpai noticed me!


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